Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Little Bit Naughty And Alot A Bit Nice

Couldn't you just eat those two up?
Lori...get out the BBQ sauce!! :0)

You all know my grandaughter, Alona...the cutie next to her is her almost step-brother, Alex who is also Adriana's half brother.
In our home though...we don't say "step" or "half"...they are brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and most of all, "Grandaughter's and Grandson's"..plain and simple, we love them all..even when they're a bit naughty...which, BTW....never, ever happens when they are here.
When they're with us..they are as perfect as can be..really..well, OK...almost perfect...OK, they are perfect when Grammpa doesn't slip them cookies and candy and other sugary stuff.

"Awwww.....That's my babies"

These are for they're Mama...because she tells me the day we took these {Sunday}, they were hell on wheels....

One more...

Now how could those three faces ever do anything wrong? :0)

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

GREAT post, Kim!!!!

Have a good night!


Anonymous said...

I agree, how could those sweet faces do anything wrong. Look at those girls listen to the story so intently.
Love your Blog even if I dont comment much I am a faithful follower of Kody's page.

Lisa said...

Kim I have to say I really love how you look at family. There is no step or half! As someone who has an adopted sister, two half sisters, and three step brothers, I absolutely hated when people would point out that they weren't my real siblings and that I only had one sister (full blooded sister). i grew up with them, I love them to death, family is family.

Lauren said...

cute lol

yeah we dont say stuff like that in our family either.

we're italian so we have a huge family and everyone is either a cousin or an auntie or an uncle... even if they're really a second cousin twice removed.

my surgery is tomwrrow morning... wish me luck

christie said...

What a great post Kim .. such sweet pictures as always !!
Hope you and yours have a Very Merry Christmas and enter the new year Happy and Healthy.



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