Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Update of the Day

But there will be me. :0)

Yesterday we took Kody to see the Endrocronologist at Shands for a routine appt.
Dr. Shatz was freakin' when he saw the size of Bear. Then when Kody told him about black belt testing this coming Friday...the poor man freaked even more.

With all the seriously ill children that he see's everyday...watching Kody grow stronger and stronger was like a breath of fresh air.

It was decided that we can take Kody's Synthroid {thyroid med} off of his daily medication list.
This is s trial as we are not sure 100% why his thyroid took a nose dive a couple of years ago. It could have been one of three things..
1. Due to the Carbatrol medication he was put on for seizures.
2. Tumor related.
3. Brought on by seizures.

Assuming that it was the Carbatrol, and since he is no longer on Carbatrol, but instead takes Keppra {for seizures} and Keppra is not known to cause thyroid problems, we can take him off the Synthroid and see.
He had his bloodwork done yesterday, again in 6 weeks and again in 3 months to check his thyroid.

However, if he starts to go downhill again then he'll need to get back on the Synthroid right away.

One thing through...since we are only 6 days away from Kody {and Kolin's} black belt testing we won't take him off until afterwards...just incase he starts to slip back a notch...we don't want anything interferring with something so important to him.

Other then that...he is huge and Dr. Shatz predicts he'll be about 6'1" to 6'2" when he finally stops growing.

OK..I'm off to get some more pictures ready for my next update, so for this morning I'll just leave you with a few I took a couple of days ago..

Adriana at 4 months...

This is what I call..
Classic Photog's Grandchild Syndrome a/k/a What Adri thinks of that camera stuck in her face constantly.

Be back later!!

Love, Kim

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Micky said...

How big is Kyle? Can Kody take him over?


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