Monday, January 14, 2008


These were taken on Saturday, the day after Kody and Kolin got their black belts.
The day started off with a black belt only sword seminar which I didn't get any pic's of because I had to drop them off, run out and...

Do some grocery shopping....Noooooooooo.
Catch up on some laundry......Nooooooooo.
Get on here and update Blogger....You know it!

By the time afternoon came and they were outside training for thier meegeekie {those sticks you see them holding} I had the trusty camera in hand and showed up for that.

Here's a few of my warriors training hard, and defiently getting those beautiful new whites all grass stained up.

These are the men who made this day possible...
Left to right..

K&K's teacher, Sabumnim, Kody, Grand Master Bouliard {from Tenn. who flies here 2 times a year for black belt testing}, Kolin, K&K's teacher son, Sabumnim Jr.
{Please don't hate me cuz I know I slaughtered those Korean spellings}

It's been a totally amazing weekend..a day that, 6 years ago, nobody could have ever convinced me would come.
Thanks to many a prayer chain and an unbelievable fighting spirit, Kody has reached a goal that most adults never could, Kolin too..10 is mighty young to accomplish black belt status. I believe he is, currently, the youngest black belt in the Do-Jang.

I was asked if black belt is the highest they can go. No, actually it isn't.
K&K have one gold stripe on their belts, which means they are a "First Don" {colored belts are Gups, black is Don}
Of course, to acheive black belt status, you have got to start out as white and work your way up to black, which basically for the boys meant, because they aren't slackers and they train with every ounce of energy they have...they have passed every "Gup" test without skipping any.
Normally when you get to that last colored belt, which is red with three stripes, you need to train for one year to get to black.
But...some peeps are different, in this case..Kody and Kolin. :0)

Anywhos, the way it was explained to us is something like this...
They have now gradauted High School, and now it's off to College, where the training is 10 times more intense and tougher.
If they excell...and no doubt they won't, they could get another gold stripe on that belt in a year {I think?}

OK...I better get going, this update turned out to be a 45 minute adventrure with the phone ringing, and Bear is home today feverish and sick as a dog...which started around midnight last night and hasn't let up yet. My poor Bear. :0(

I'll keep putting up new pic's of this weekend as I can get to them :0)

Later Gators!!!!

Love, Kim


Angelpilot said...

I guess I have no excuse now. I am currently halfway to my black belt in TaeKwonDo. I am struggling with a break. the Front Jump Kick. The board is at forehead height so I am having issues. But in Kody Bear can accomplish a black belt... I can too.

Anonymous said...

Loved the extra pics!! I am sure they boys have set their goals, and will accomplish them!!! :)



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