Friday, January 18, 2008


Kaysha got Adri this Misfits onsie for Christmas. Isn't that sooooo Kaysha? :0)
Anywhos...since we are all so used to Alona only wearing pink, purpley, sugary sweet girlie colors...seeing Adri dressed up in this shirt just cracks me up.

The difference in the two girls is so cute.
Alona is quiet, Princessy, and can wrap anyone around her finger with those big ole' Disney Princess eyes of hers.
Adriana is a firey redhead, wild child, so yeah...that onsie and those skull leggins' is soooo Adri. :0)

They remind me alot of Kody and Kolin....two brothers with two different personalities.

This morning I had a Dr's appt. set up for Kolin.
Seems that out of the blue...Kolin started eye ticcing..about a month, maybe a month and a half ago.
It's been slowly but surely getting worse, speading to his neck and shoulders, more so when he is nervous or stressed.
Soooo...his pediatrician gave us a referall so that he can go to Shands and see the same Ped's Neuro. doc's that Kody see's. Crazy, huh?

Other then's just another chilly, gray day here today. Maybe I'll bug the boys a little and snap a quick pic. or two while they are outside running around like two wild guys.
Then again, a cappachino sounds reaaallll good right now, maybe I'll just hibernate for a while instead. :0)

Have a wonderfully great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Lauren said...

very cute :)

reminds me of my friend melissa's son julian... although melissa's a total hippie so julian has tye-dye shirts and blue tinted sunglasses :)
he just turned 2 in november.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I noticed that black shirt the other day and wondered what the pic was. :)

Sorry to hear you're dealing with tics with Kolin now too. Sure hope you got some answers at the dr. app't.

~NY~, USA!!!


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