Wednesday, January 16, 2008



These were the two words that I can describe as our last day or so.

I want to start this off by extending our very deepest sympathies to our family friend, Miss Kathy and her family for the lose of thier 21 year old son, John.
Our hearts and our prayers will always be with you.

John...what can I say, he was a gem.
I remember John as a goofball teen, trying to find his way...probably the wrong way .
Kyle James and he went to school together and while Kyle James would ride the high school bus everyday, preferring to keep to himself...John, the new kid on the bus, hopped on day after day, with always a little something to say, usually wise guy. :0)
I remember the day Kyle James and John got booted off the bus for fighting. John said something to Kyle, and Kyle flattened him.
The very next day John and Kyle James became really good friends.
I know, it's a boy thing. Kathy and I still laugh about it.

As with my own son, Kathy went through many a trials with John.
One day John proudly announced he was joining the Army.
One day he left for basic training and oh my gosh, that boy excelled!!
A couple of months ago Karl saw John and couldn't believe what an awesome man he had become. Karl told me how polite he was, how he stood so tall and confident. It was as he was talking about his own son...he was that proud of him.

This past weekend, stationed in Texas, John and a buddy went out for a drive.
I really don't know all the facts, so I won't say but John was killed in a horrible car wreck, he was the passenger.
The news was devestating.
I just saw Miss Kathy right around Christmastime in Wal-Mart...she was so proud of that boy, you could see it written all over her face and I was so happy for her.

As we wait for the news as to when we can say our final good-byes to an extraordinary man...we'll still feel the sting, the shock and mourn for a incredibly horrific lose of one of our brave military men.

Rest in peace John...and please watch over your Mom, Dad, sister and brother. They need to feel your spirit around them always.



rocketbear said...

I'm so sorry!! The world lost a fine young man. His parents grief bottomless. My heart goes out to everyone touched by this extraordinary young man. Hugs!

MarlaCharles said...

Saying a prayer for his family! How awful!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. It sounds like this young man changed his life completely around. Sadly, it didn't last as long as it should have, but thank God his family is so very proud of him and they were able to see him excel. Even, if for such a short time. Again, I'm so sorry.



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