Monday, July 28, 2008

Is It Monday? Already?

That could only mean one thing..

"Morbid Monday" on the WWOW site.
Yep...and I forgot again, and Holy Grapenuts..I so won't be forgetting again.

Monday means, I have to get my butt in gear and take care of lots of errands.
So..I'm off to run errand #1, the post office.
Dana and Tricia...your packages are on the way!! :0)

Here's three more of Kolin from yesterday.
These are only a few of the reasons why a 15 minute Wal-mart trip, yesterday, took an hour and a half. :0)

Cool, aren't they?
A very smart and talented photographer once said to me...."Kim, one day, you'll recognize your style, everyone has one..some peeps just don't know what it is, sometimes it takes a while to figure it out"
Well....after spending years trying to figure out mine, I am going to have to say "Urban" with lots of saturated color is my signature style.
No matter what I try, I always go back to the "Urban with a Touch of Grunge" style.

If this is something you like too, and you happen to be in or around Leesburg, FL. , gather up your kiddo's {not just teens and tweens, this works for little ones too}and find me. We can make some cool photographs happen for your home too. :0)

Have a great day everyone..I'm off to mail out some hats.

Love, Kim


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love the last one! Such intensity...

The WWoW thanks you for the shout out. (and I know you love it so stop your belly aching!)

Hallie :)

momto2boys said...

I love the "once upon a time" post about you and your hubby. Great pix!

Anonymous said...

Okay...I'm back! This June and July have been the busiest for me, ever. My job keeps me immensely busy from June through August thing after another kept keeping me away. And...whenever I thought I had "5 minutes" (yeah, RIGHT!...when would it take me five minutes to catch up and reply to all your blogs?!) it never happened. compulsive/obsessive as I am...I couldn't bear to read the current day's update without catching up on all the others first. (Think of it this way...if I miss the first 10 minutes of a movie, I don't wanna watch the movie anymore!!) Sad, huh?! :o)

Anyway, here's a few "comments":

- I'm SO glad Kody loved Camp Boggy Creek again. I was definitely thinking of him. Our oldest is at residency camp this week...I'll be doing that stinky laundry on Saturday! :o)

- Kaysha putting the worm on the hook was priceless

- I was so glad to see a Grasshopper, Kim (the creature on your banana tree)! As odd as that sounds, we don't see them very often here anymore. When I was a kid, I spent my summer days chasing those things, and then having them spit that brown stuff on my hand (which, of course, I thought was poop when I was younger!). Sadly, I think chemicals have pretty much erased grasshoppers from Upstate New York. :(

- I'm sorry you had that missed Neuro app't., but I'm glad to hear the docs all have their ducks in a row, and some good plans. That goofy EEG pic of Kody was priceless. :) It's my constant hope that Kody starts feeling better, and doesn't have the tics anymore. I was sad to hear it's making him not want to leave home much. :(

- Congrats, Kody, on earning a spot in the book, "The Gift"! I'm sure you'll make an awesome contribution!!!

- Question for Kody. This is from your interview with Mom. Remind me what your first date was. Sorry...but my brain cells can't retain yesterday's memories of that date are so vague....wanna remind us?!

- And, me anal, but I'm one of those people that normally look at all the backgrounds in a picture. You know...I notice what is sitting on the stand behind the person in the picture. Go back to your 7/14 post. It's got the pic of Kody & Kolin being "tough". Well, I was admiring Kody's Mowhawk, and then shifted my eyes to Kolin's picture, and wondered what kind of new hair style he was wearing...

I know.....I'm pretty lame........and I think I need to visit that same eye doctor Kody and Kolin have in Leesburg!!!! :o)

Hoping you're all doing fine, and I promise to stop by again on a regular basis. August is krazy for me, too, but hopefully not as bad as prior years (I've shifted some of my work around so hopefully it won't be as bad!).



I love these! And I would describe your style, "Urban Grunge with a Twist!" LOL

Blondie :)


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