Thursday, July 17, 2008

Love U

My kid Kolin...

The last of the litter.
The funniest kid ever.
The wildest kid in the world.
He loves to play Guitar Hero.

He loves knife fight training.
He can do double backward flips on the trampoline.
He can climb a tree faster then you can blink an eye.
He is very mischievous.
When he's quiet, he's usually in trouble.

He talks non-stop all day long.
He can't sit still to save his life.
He's king of "the crazy face".
He squints when he smiles big.
He loves candy jewelry.
Best of all..

He loves his Mama.

I love you too, Bops. :0)


Those youngest ones, they get me every time...I just can't get mad at that kid no matter how hard I try.
Why? Because he makes me laugh till I "p", and that is no lie. LOL!!

Wouldn't the world be a sweeter place if everyone, for no reason at all, took their kid{s} out for an ice cream cone today?
McD's has yummo ones for a buck...come on, you know you want to. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

How about I send Connor to you and he goes with y'all to get a cone?

I can't trust myself to even get NEAR a Mickey D's while on Atkins.


Sea52Jay said...

McD's ice cream :-) our favorite. Ashley and I on Weight Watchers so we go every Sunday evening after bowling and indulge. It's our girls night out treat. Love all the K's bunches, CJ

Kari Z. said...

Hey we just got back from Mc D's.
Our son who is 8 years old is on a baseball team that hasn't won all season. They do a relay at the end of the game and they have won every relay but never the games. Today he asked if they won if I would take him for a cone. Of course I said, 'Yes'. They are great and they are cheap. And they finally won a game AND the relay so we just got done eating our nice dripping vanilla cone!!!

Gotta love doing that with the kids.


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