Tuesday, July 29, 2008

R*O*C*K In The Uterus {to the tune of R*O*C*K In The USA}

This past weekend I decided it would be a great time to lock myself in my bedroom closet, sweat some pounds off {didn't work BTW} and go through about a bazillion boxes of old memories a/k/a baby things, old greeting cards and childish scribbles on endless pages of construction paper.

As I was scrolling down memory lane cleaning out a box full of old photos, I came across one of Kody, actually his very first photo ever.
Had I have known then what I know now..I'd have known this one was gonna be trouble, nothin' but head bangin', mohawk wearin', heavy metal lovin' trouble.

As you can see...even in the womb..this kid was born to a hell raiser....

Let's recap this recent photo seen around the world, shall we?

And this one which was taken just two days ago..

Some things just never change, do they? :0)

Have a rockin' day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

That is TOO funny, Kim!!! Love all three pics!! :)



That is hilarious! Totally a mohawk! LOL

But I have to tell you I had to enlarge the ultrasound because I wasn't sure it was real!!!! Only because the ultrasounds done on my kids were never that clear back in the stone age!

And because I sang your title rather than just read it, your version is now stuck in my head! :0)

Kim said...

Urban Blonde..
You know me, I have to photoshop everything. :0)


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