Saturday, June 28, 2008


I don't know what it is about "locks", but I really love them.
Maybe because they are so mysterious...I mean, they are there because somebody, somewhere does not want you to see or enter the other side.

Driving Kody home from camp this past week, Karl spotted an old, really old cemetery sign and drove down this narrow old dirt road to get to it..knowing how much I love to photograph extremely old tombstones.

Welp, I didn't get to photograph the stones..because this kept us out..

I added some texture in photoshop. I think it looks pretty cool..but then again, I've been known to be wrong. :0)

I think I'm going to scour places looking for locks..I like em' that much.

Anywho's...I've had an entire pot of coffee {bad habit #1}, I'm on the computer being nosey in my favorite forum {bad habit #2}, I'm craving opening up photoshop and creating some funky style action to compliment lock photo's {bad habit #3}, and I've got my creative juices a flowin' and am looking for a willing volunteer to help me out {bad habit #4}., as I snap back into reality..

I have to...
Throw some chemicals in the pool.
Wash the breakfast dishes.
Vacuum the carpets.
Clean out from underneath Kody's bed.
Run another load of gross, sweaty, stainy clothes.
Check on all of my favorite bloggers.
Kick myself in the butt for being too late to ask Mrs. Halli'e {WWOW} husband a few questions for his blog interview, because I'm so nosey and all.
Finish up Kaysha's Q&A's for her blog interview..coming real soon.
Make homemade orangesicle pop's.

BTW....the Hulk movie was awesome. Kody and Kolin loved it although I totally didn't get the end and my 10 year old had to explain it to me, which was a little embarrassing.
Lou Ferigno, the original Hulk that I remember from back in the day...the waaayyyy day, plays a part in it.
My kid's thought I had lost my feeble old mind when I tried to explain to them that yes, darlins'...there was such a thing as "The Hulk" when I was a kid.
BTW...Mr. Lou ain't lookin' so bad for an older guy. :0)

I woke up Bear this morning to take his med's and his whole bod is just takin' a super dive today. Headaches, body aches, jaw aches, he's just feeling horrible so I'm hoping that some swimming/water therapy will help to take the body aches away.
Soooo..with that, I better boot scoot myself outside to make sure no {{GULP}} frogs are out there.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. I'm still trying to come up with a blog layout that I'm totally please have patience with me, I'll get there one day. :0)

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Angela said...

You know, I check your blog every day and I never leave comments. I just wanted you to know that there are people out there who appreciate that you take the time to blog every day and post really awesome pictures of everything. I've kept track of you and your family for about 4 years now, I think, and I've laughed with you, cried with you, enjoyed your humor, and wanted to come beat up the mean people in Kody's life (mostly at his school) more than once while reading. You are such an amazing person and your photography has gotten better and better and every day that I get on now I see an even greater picture. I'm going to continue to lurk on your blog daily, I just wanted to let you know I was out here in cyberspace. You and your family are awesome and an inspiration to the rest of us.


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