Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Mom's Tattoo's....

Are Cooler Than Your Mom's.

That's what Adri's onesie cute!! :0)

I was going through some recent pic's tonight that I almost forgot about.
When I pulled this one up I just about fell off the chair. {soooooo not pretty}
That onesie is just too cute.

I don't get anything from this little advertisement but if you have cool tatt's and a baby, you can get this same onesie here...

Urban Baby Runway

They have, without a doubt, the coolest baby clothes you'll ever find.
If I could..I'd get her one of everything. LOL!!

Later Gators!!

Love, Kim

PS. Angela..Bless your heart, thank you. :0)


Anonymous said...

Adri's onesie rocks!! My sister would love that!!

Lauren said...

that's awsome. my friend aggie needs that for her baby girl.

oh, i got my first tattoo last month, btw. i have another one being planned.


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