Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Storm Central Head Gear

Yesterday afternoon we had some wicked storms pass by, which, here in Florida, is nothing new, especially in the summer.
Nothing to panic about, just something to prepare for and evacuate, if necessary.

Now, granted...we used to be the panic type.
At the first sign of the weather radio going berserk with alerts about impending storms in Leesburg, we used to {and still do when we really have to} have our assigned "jobs".

This is the scenario....

Thunder starts.
The sky to ground lightening begins.
Skies turn an eerie black and gray.
The clouds start spinning and moving fast.
The weather radio beeps about as loud as a fire alarm
We put on shoes that are always lined up perfectly by the front door.
Kaysha grabs all medications for everyone while calling every last friend telling them that her lame family is evacuating once again.
Karl grabs the flashlight, batteries, his knife {I have no idea why..but he thinks it's important}, water and snacks.
Kody and Kolin run around looking for their karate uniforms, skateboards, mini wrestlers and handfuls of bubble gum that I keep in a container on top of the fridge. {Again I wonder why?} They do this as they run around in circles yelling "Are we gonna die Mommy??!!"

I take the camera, Kody's medical records, birth certificates, every photo album, the computer, my coffee machine, the last Dr. Pepper, my hair care products, my favorite polka dot ice cream cup, a couple of my favorite ugly chairs, the microwave, TP, my Poison and Guns and Roses CD's, our toothbrushes and the last cookie in the cookie jar.

As the weather radio screams "take shelter in a lower level of a safe building" {lower level? Hello..peep's in Florida don't have basements..well, duh}, I stand in the monsoon rain, trying to cram all my important stuff in the back of the "Green Machine" as Karl is taking it back out while calling me things I shall not repeat, but let it be known right here and now that one sentence alone had the words "Pollack" {I'm 1/2 Polish} and "Blonde" in it.
The next sentence started out a little something like this..
"Get in the *$#@!* car or I'm leaving you behind".

Hmmm...How Rude!

Anywho's..that was then and this is now.
We don't panic anymore. As a matter of fact, unless the electricity goes out and we can't watch the news or hang out on the Internet....we, for the most part, hunker down and wait it out.

Yesterday that blasted weather radio screeched all afternoon about impending golf ball size hail and strong winds producing tornadoes. While back in the day, my two youngest Hellians may have panicked, this is how we found them yesterday...happily playing video games with their "Storm Central Head Gear" on.

I'm telling you...everyday's an adventure with those two.

Hope your day is an awesome one!

We're looking forward to another day of stormy weather later on this afternoon. :0(

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Ok the "lame family is evacuating again" comment really cracked me LOL I used to live in Florida and never evac. for a storm, but had to for a hurricane which never materialized. I don't miss the heat, palmetto bugs at all, but man some of those storms were awesome!!!!



Thanks Kim for coming to visit my blog! You are welcome anytime! ;)

We've been storming here for the entire month of June so far here in the foothills of the Rockies. Tons of hail, endless rain, thunder and lightning and scary looking stormy skies.

Today there is sunshine with cloud so I am hopeful!

Anonymous said...

Kim, what a great update! You made me LOL about the "lame" family evacuating, Karl's knife, Kaysha's phone calls, and your choice of items. But then......and I really don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I have a friend who is Polish too, so hopefully you will LOL (even a little??!) ... just so ya know "Pollack" is actually a type of fish. NO KIDDING!! I think you meant Polack so you were close! :D I personally think there should be an "o" in the second half. How about you?!

Anyway, I thought the update was hysterical. We didn't have any of the tornadoes this week and are now back into the nice ole 80 degree temps. Feeling bad for the folks in Iowa...

Have a good night,


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