Saturday, November 3, 2007


Gotta love these boys of mine, they are what Warriors/Swordsmen are made of...

Strength Bravery Patience Honor Repect

And most of all, in my eyes....just plain adorable. :0)

Today I had the honor of photographing the students in Kody and Kolin's karate school.
Let me tell you....I had the best time. Every family was awesome and honestly....the boys and I had so much fun, this wasn't a was just a day of fun, hanging out and snapping pictures of the most coolest people around.
I am sooooo totally looking forward to next years photo day. :0)

Thank you to everyone at Peterson's Central Winds!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Kool pics! I THOUGHT that looked like a professional backdrop. Way to go on the gig, Kim!!! I'm sure the parents will just love their pics!!

Hope you're having a good weekend.


Lauren said...

that's so cool!

i keep wanting to take martial arts (i live walking distance from valarie's self defense) but for some reason i keep talking myself out of it.
i'll hopefully get into it enevtualy!

Connie F-G said...

Can't wait until you are making great money doing what you love to do and do so very very well!



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