Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Starting To Look Alot Like Christmas

Just two for this morning. :0)

That little shirt she's wearing says "Who Needs Santa..I've Got Grandparents". true is that?

I'll try to get some more up today but for now...things to do so I really have got to run.

Later Gators!!

Love, Kim

PS. The smile on the first picture...that is what she does every single time Kody walks into the room. He was standing behind me talking to her and she lit up like a Christmas tree. :0)

PPSS. Kody's tics are coming back...UGH!! :0(


Tina, Mineola NY said...

How adorable! I love her chubby lil thighs!

Jill said...

Look at the little leg roll..... She is so sweet.
Hope you all have a great weekend

Hugs from Missouri,

Anonymous said...

I would definitely smile like that if Kody walked in the room! What a cutie -- and just like the other person that posted, ya gotta love those chubby little thighs! {Too bad they aren't so cute on us older gals!!} ;-)

Sorry to hear Kody's tics are coming back. Is that b/c of medicine being weaned?

Can't wait for MORE PICS!!!! (And thanks for spelling out that shirt -- I was REALLY struggling to read it and then thought to myself, "Knowing Kim, she put the wording down below". Sure enough...! :o)


Leeann said...


She is seriously so precious. I think she is one the prettiest babies ever!


Christina said...

I love her smile and look at her chubby legs!!! So cute!

kk said...

the top pic in this blog i am gonna need. i bought a babys 1st xmas fram from ac moore.

also mom what size pics are out santa pics we get taken every year. i am hoping a 4 by 6 cause i found the most perfect frame for this year. call me tomorrow sometime


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