Monday, November 5, 2007

A Very Rare Photo...

This is one I get only once in a very long while.
Between kids schedules, working schedules, school, activities, kids living in different states and life in general...this is a treasure, though not technically's about as perfect as perfect comes.

The whole entire "K" Krew. :0)

And here's one of all our kiddo's...and their kiddo's too.

Our oldest daughter, Karyelle {or KK as we've always called her} has been here for the past week and a half.
All things gotta come to an end though, and early tomorrow morning Karl will be taking her back to Orlando airport for her flight back to New York.

We're totally, majorly bummed, but that's life I guess..and hopefully she'll make it back for Christmas.

Speaking of bummed....guess who went back to work last Friday?

That picture above was taken after she came home to pick up Adriana. There was defiently no smiles when she was leaving. Kayara's starting off at a few days a week..easing back in to a routine and I get to be Adriana's babysitter while Kay's away.
LOL...yeah.....I can foresee alot of Adri pictures in the near future. :0)

Like these..
Sometimes you just find them happy as can be..

And sometimes you only get the "I am soooo over being kissed" face..

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!
Have yourselves and awesome day!!

Love, Kim


Christie said...

What a beautiful family you have Kim ... don't you just love the moments where everyone is together :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey, K-Klan! LOVE the family photo! Too bad the photographer couldn't have rangled up something hi-tec to get in the photo as well. :o) Hmmm...didn't appear that Karl had short hair. What happened to that?

I love, LOVED, the pic of Adriana getting smooched by her cuz, Kody. I couldn't tell who looked more dreamy-eyed!! LOL!

Have a great day. I'll bet it's warmer than here. Too bad KK timed it so bad. Starting tommorrow our HIGH temps will be in the 30s and night time of 20s. That is SUCH a change -- no slow, downward, getting-used-to-these-temps for us. :(

Chiou! (Did I even spell that right??!)


Leeann said...


I love all the pictures. Your family is just beautiful and, silly as it sounds, I can totally feel the love!

Love those K's!

Jeri from Hawaii said...

I love the K Klan family photo. Would you be a dear and share the names and ages of the kiddos? I think I have them straight in my head, but I am not 100% sure I've got it right.

Looks like my first grandbaby will be arriving this week. Sure wish I could fly you out here for a few photo ops!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome picture !!!! My grandma's one wish every year for christmas is to get a picture of EVERYONE and as she says not at a funerel which seems to be the only time we can all (her 5 kids, there spouses then 14 grandkids spouses and 3 great-grandkids) get together. Finaly this year she will have EVERYONE for christmas. Hopefully we can get a good of picture as you all ! BTW you do not look like women who has had 6 kids and his a proud grandma !
Jaclyn in Virginia

Anonymous said...

What a great photo of all of you!! Have a safe flight back KK!

Anonymous said...

DUH!!!!!!! Kim, you should have just deleted my post from earlier. Or at least got rid of the part that I said you could be in the photo as well. I guess I scanned too quickly. I'd like to say I didn't even look at the photo that you were in, but dang, I even mentioned Karl so I have no excuse. Other than Old Age!! Does getting up at 4:00 AM work? How about it's way too cold up here and my brain is going into hibernation.

Anyway, sorry I missed ya!!! :o)


Lauren said...

LOVE the pics!!


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