Friday, November 23, 2007

Angels Among Us

I believe, do you?

Thanksgiving Day was, food, but unfortunetly it no "K" family football this year.
I have a ton of pic's to get of the camera sometime hopefuly by tonight or tomorrow I'll have them up here.

Thanks to Dad, Kolin, Kody and Kyle James who put together a dinner that was TDF. :0)

I'm totally gonna miss ya when your gone Daddio..that is for real. Know why? Cuz you are "Snap" Fabulous Baby!!

I'm on babysitting duty today so I better get going..there's only so long that she will stay in her swing and right about now, she's finding the boys to be a little on teh boring side. I mean many times can you spit raspberries till it gets dull. LOL!!

Later everyone!!

Hope your turkey day was a great one!!

Love, Kim

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