Friday, November 9, 2007

A Face Only A Mom Could Love

He is such a hoot..I swear, he is 100% class clown material..

And he's all mine. :0)

I'll get those golf pictures up tomorrow...time got away from me again today.
Another wasn't the kid in today's photo either. :0)

Have a great night!!

Love, Kim


christie said...

Cute boy and cute hat!! I can totally see the class clown in him:)


Jennifer said...

totally class clown and you know what when I was in school I loved the class clowns they where my best friends! Love this shot and I think that look is perfect!:)

lacinwpg said...

The golfer has to Kaysha

Anonymous said...

Really cute picture! I'm guessing Kaysha was the golf pro.



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