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Stands for..



Means we will never become victims.

~*~Kody and Kolin~*~

In addition to training in the martial arts and swordman classes 5 nights a week, Kody and Kolin both train 2 nights a week in P.W.C.S.T.
PWCST is taught at the same school as karate and swords class , except that PWCST has a twist to it.
It is a self-defense course created at their school and you won't find it available anywhere else.
PWCST is the SWAT training of martial arts.
While martial arts is focused and intense, PWCST is a fast paced training of out on the street self-defense.
It's not for the faint at heart, that's for sure.

The boys learn, in any given class to fight for their lives, to disarm an enemies weapon, to use that same weapon on their enemy.
They carry their weapons hidden, ready to strike at any second should they feel their life is in danger.
Their weapons...well, they aren't really weapons at the normal eye, but to Kody and Kolin they are far more then just something that normal people carry every normal day of their lives.
They learn military and law enforcement tactics.
They can and will do some serious damage to an adult, if their life is threatened in any way.
They practice everyday at home.
Two things they will never do, however, is use their knowledge in a situation that they can safely walk away from and they will never, ever practice out in the open.
Their knowledge and their talent is secret, shared only betweeen themselves and a select dozen or so others.

We have a place in our back yard that is hidden from the street. They will never share what they learn with anybody, and that's a good thing because why would they want someone to learn how to defend themselves against sure would defeat the whole purpose.

Last night Kody and Kolin tested and went on to a higher rank in PWCST.
They seriously kicked butt!! :0)

Even Kolin, who is something like 80 pounds soaking wet stood his ground against adult after adult who kept charging at him.
Everyone of those men and woman found themselves thrown to the ground with a knife to the throat.
It was awesome..I mean, really.....really awesome!!

And Kody..WOW...I wish you could have all seen him, except that after taking them down using his incredible long, super strong legs...he "mocked" bashing their faces in with one good kick.

Now..I know this all sound extremely violent and trust me, it may seem like I am sending them off to learn how to be killing machines..I'm not, well not really...well, OK, maybe I am in a way.

It's a crazy world out there.
In all my honest's a downright scarey, non-trusting, dangerous world.
There comes a time in every parents life when the apron string start to break and you have no choice but to start cutting the kids loose.

Imagine this senerio...
Your in the mall, it's crowded and busy, it's Christmas shopping season and in addition to innocent families out also shop amongst weirdos, pervs, phychos, sexual predators.
Your alone with your 12 year old and he's got to use the bathroom.
Twelve years old may be pushing it to take him into the ladies room and so there you stand waiting on him to do his business and get out of the mens room.

How many of us have done that? How many of us have counted the seconds, nervous, hearts pounding when he seems to be in there too long.

Would your child know what to do if he was assaulted in there..only one wall away from Mom?
What if his mouth was covered, what if he couldn't scream for you, what if someone held a knife to him?
What would he do?

I know what my children would do, and I know that my children will never become a victim.

Here's another senerio.
Your child is in High School and you send her there because it is a place to learn and you believe a safe place to be.
Your child is 15 and is a special needs student.
Your child is innocent, young and is your life, your everything.
Your child goes to school a happy go lucky girl in the morning.
And then the most unbelievable, most horrible thing happens.
Your child is raped in the bathroom by another student.

That childs life will never, ever be the same.
This is also a true happened just this week at Leesburg High School..the same school Kaysha goes to.
Would your child know what to do?

Think about giving your child the gift of self-defense. Video games, dolls and skateboards come and go. Training our children to protect themselves is a gift they will keep forever.

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

WOW ... great post, Kim.

As I've said before, you should be a photographer AND an author.


ErIn said...

PWCST sounds like a wonderful program! I sure there's something like that around when my boys get older! WTG Kody and Kolin on moving up a rank!

Just Lori said...

I want one of your sons to marry my daughter! That kind of protection is priceless!


Anonymous said...

Dear K family,
Tonight's update was wonderful!!!! As a black belt and blind adult, I agree wholeheatedly that learning self-defense is necessary. To anyone who may read Mrs. K's update and question the motives or value, please understand that a golden rule of martial arts is to protect your opponet and only do what is absolutely necessary to protect yourself. I for one feel much safer walking around my college campus knowing that, despite how vulnerable being a blind female may make me appear, I can defend myself if God forbid I am ever attacked. Great work Kody and Kolin. You guys are awesome! Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

Debbie in Ohio said...

What a great post, Kim. You sure know how to make a point. Thanks, and thanks again.


Christie said...

What a great post Kim.. Congrats to the boys .. on moving up. I agree you can never be too prepared. I am terrified to send my boys to school and they are only 2&3. Alot can happen in seconds...sounds like a good program to be involved in.


Jen from WI said...

Way to go boys! Kim, thanks for sharing this story.


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