Sunday, November 25, 2007

Don't You Cry No More, It'll Be Alright

I got home about 20 or so minutes ago, made more coffee, dried my eyes again and figured maybe I'll jump on here quick before...
#1 Kolin wakes up.
#2 I go back to bed. { morning person here}

Anywhos....for those of you who don't know or forgot..this morning is the morning that my man got on that darn Greyhound and headed out to Atlanta for the truck driving life again.
There's no telling when he'll be able to come home, but as soon as he completes his 4 {or is it 5?} day seminar, and passes his driving test, he gets his own truck and starts piling in the miles.
Life is a highway...
LOL..I can't get that song out of my mind since catching Karl, Kody and Kolin watching "Cars" two nights ago.

You know, being with someone almost 28's kind of hard to let go.
We've known about this day for a while, we've talked about it, planned for it {though mostly last minute planning}, we've spent time together he and I, he and the kids, all of us.
Last night wwe watched TV until he fell asleep and I got my 11 o'clock burst of energy.
This morning at 6:15 he woke me up like he does every single morning..yeah, it may sound corny but every morning he pushes the hair out of my eyes, rubs my face and says "Good Morning Beautiful". Seriously...every morning without fail.
Then he makes my first cup of coffee and has it ready when I stumble out into the living room.
On chilly mornings...he sets out a blanket on my favorite morning, coffee drinking, news watching chair.

He knows I'm not a morning person so he doesn't push the morning conversation until I've had at least 2 cups of coffee in me...sometimes three.
It's all good though because we're both in the same room, and even though I might be watching the news and contimplating going back to sleep and he's playing Spider Solitaire on the computer....we're both together..physically and spiritually.

This morning at 6:50 we headed out the door for the Greyhound bus station right here in Leesburg.
It's a tiny little place, and nobody ever looks happy there. After he checked in we just hung out leaning on our van, his arm around me, my thumb looped in his back beltloop and head on his big ole' shoulder.
Finally...after wishing it wouldn't, that bus showed up and one by one everyone got on.

I was parked next to the bus and I watched him take the front seat...he wanted to make sure I knew where he was and he turned around and waved. I knew where he eyes were locked on him the whole time. Besides..he was the only stud dude with the long hair that I loooooove. :0)

OK, so that's when the tears started. I tried sooo hard not to, I realy did try but I'm a freakin' softee ass marshmallow and I love him alot and I hate, really HATE being apart and I lost it.
OK, I admit, I had a flash of thoughts of having to wake my own self up, make my own coffee, turn on Good Morning America by myself and oh yeah..having to transport the kids back and forth to school myself now, OK, that just bites.
Most of all though, having my trusty sidekick, my lover, my best friend back on the road where danger and crazy demented strangers lurk everywhere..that just wait, that just plain out sucks.

I didn't leave until that Greyhound pulled out and I stepped on the gas pedal and was the first to follow it out and cool as can be is turned left onto South Street,I'm sure to get to I75. As luck would have it, I turned onto South Street too but when we got to our second traffic light, that bus got in the left turning lane and I stayed in the right.
I watched that bus turn and leave and as I was about to have a "lets just change our mind about this whole thing" meltdown...what do I hear when I finally remembered to turn on the radio but Axel Rose {Guns and Roses} singing "Don't You Cry No More, It'll Be Alright".
How perfect could that have been?

And that was exactly 1 minute I was pulling up back home again. I walked into a quiet house, made a cup of joe, picked up a few things off the coffee table, realized he forgot his hairbrush, put it up and away, and got on here.

And youngest of the litter, Kolin, is up and sooooooo ready to start his day.
I wonder if he wouldn't mind making me a cup of coffee?

Ummm..maybe not, he's telling me he's starving and if I wouldn't mind not clacking on the keyboard so loud.

Yeppers..that kid is going to be my best source of entertainment doay. :0)

Have a sweet Sunday today everyone!!

Love, Kim


Lisa said...

Awww Kim, he'll be back. Have a hug. Being that I live on an island about 28miles by 16 ( I think) the biggest thing I ever see is a tractor or a supermarket delivery lorry from the mainland - what does Dad bear transport - and how far around the USA does he drive? Will keep that big lorry of his and the driver behind the wheel in my prayers.

Cindy Aldrich said...

I know the feeling. Dan is living at the hospital with Elliott who just had a bone marrow transplant on Wednesday. When they both come home is anybodys guess and in the meantime, I am all by myself..another song you can sing. It sucks.

Jackie said...

It will be okay Kim! Promise!! I've been a truckers wife for 22 years, unfortunately, you get used to it. Mine gets home daily now, he drives to West Virginia and back hauling dairy products to Walmarts and a chain of grocery stores, but he gets home when I'm at work, and goes to work an hour and a half after I get home! It's quality, not quantity!
Chin up! It will be fine!
Now I have to go see what's up on Wisteria Lane tonight! TTFN!

Leeann said...

Aw Kim, I'm sorry you two lovebirds had to say goodbye. We'll keep you company until Karlio gets back in town!


Silvia said...

That was just beautiful, Kim. I usually just lurk and don't comment, but today I had to. You two are the most amazing couple ever.

Jodie said...

I'm not one to usually comment either but your post really got to me. My Larry has been driving over the road for about 7 months now--I hate it but I accept it. He gets home about every 5-6 weeks. We can do it -- right? Thank god for cell phones because we talk to each other at least 10 times a day.

Connie F-G said...

My heart hurts for you. I remember those good-byes from when we were dating and we still have some but not for the duration or with the frequency you'll be dealing with. I know there will be decent days and not so decent days.

I had family here for the past week and suddenly everyone is gone again...enjoying the quiet yet missing them all.

Let us know what we can do to help you get through this transition.


MarlaCharles said...

Awwww Kim, I am sorry that your sweetheart had to leave. I can't stand it when Charles has to leave on business trips, and I know they are about a week or so and come a few times a year. I will keep you amused! I know it is not going to be easy for any of you, but just know you have a huge support system.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I too have never commented Kim. How was your first day without your second half? Now that I finally figured out which daughter is which (for some reason I got them confused), do you babysit on a daily basis? I don't know why I am asking that question. It was the first one in my head. I think your family is awesome. We are like night and day as far as our family goes, but so what.

Hope all is well,

Debbie from NY

Shiela said...

I'm so sorry, Kim. :( First, I'm sorry that I didn't get on here all weekend, so I was late seeing your updates. Second, I'm sorry about hard hard this all must be. I know it was unbearable the last time, but I know Karl does enjoy being behind the wheel. Hardest part is the separation your family goes through. I just loved your update (as odd as that might sound) and cannot believe how spoiled you are. My hubby sure as heck doesn't push my hair out of my face and rub my cheek. Heck -- half the time I've fallen asleep on the couch OR have moved onto the couch b/c of his snoring!!! :o) And...he doesn't make me coffee, either. (But...I don't drink the stuff, ha!!)

I hope you're doin' okay. As okay as can be expected, I guess...



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