Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Because he look's soooo darn good in it and Blue because his big sister's only been gone for 50 minutes and he's already super, major, bummed out, crushed.

That Bear of mine...he's got the biggest heart of all of them. :0)

I'm hoping a two hour karate and sword class tonight will help take his mind off his sister and how long Christmastime seems to him...cuz that's when she'll be back for a few days.

Running out for Kody's IEP meeting, I'll catch ya'all later on.

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Kim, I feel like I know you "like a book". Do you realize that just by the title of your blog today I KNEW it was going to be that Kody was blue cuz his sister wuz gone? :( Sure hope karate class helped.


Lisa said...

How did the IEP meeting go? I hope you asked for all modifications possible. We talked about this about a year ago when that teacher was bring a butt.

Connie F-G said...

Hope your IEP went well today. I'm sure those are very stressful, especially with the way Kody's struggled in the past at school.

Did you bring home a slightly less blue boy from karate? He sure looks nice in blue just hate to hear he's feeling blue.



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