Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Day With Alona

Yesterday the girls {Kayara, Alona and Adriana} spent the day here. Since Karl is leaving next Sunday for Atlanta for a truck driving session for 4 days, and then getting back into the drivers seat {finally after a year} for a few weeks they figured some time with Grampa was a good thing. was. :0)

Kayara and her ex-husband share Alona. SO, between the sharing, school, after school activities, playdates, birthday parties and everything else fun that 5 years olds do...I don't get to see Alona nearly as much as I'd like to either.
Well...we definetely made up for lost time yesterday...that girl has got non-stop energy.
Plus....she just started Kindergarten this year and is reading..I mean reading everything and forget spelling things around her cuz she can figure that out too in a heartbeat.'s some quick pic's we took yesterday, all within 8 minutes, so we can show you all how much the lil' princess is growing.

Gotta love a girl that loves to pose.
I've got at least 10 more...LOL...but I'll put them up another time. :0)

Have yourselves a very relaxing Sunday.
The weather is beautiful here today so looks like I'll be giving the kiddo's the boot outside, especially Kolin, who had a glazed Wal-Mart doughnut for breakfast and he is literally binging all over the dang place as I type this. :0)

Love ya'all...


PS. Tanya Nicole...We are all VERY impressed!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan Reuther said...

Oh gosh...with the hat covering her hair, she so looks like Kody!

Leeann said...

She is just a doll, Kim.
Really cute!


Anonymous said...

Wow, does Alona look like Kody in those pics or what?? She's definitely got some of the same jeans!!! (AND the ability to do wonderful poses for some great shots from Grandma!)

Glad the family got to spend some time with you and Grandpa. Sounds like Grandpa's schedule will be getting busy again sometime soon.

We heard from our Grandma in FL yesterday and she informed us "it's sweater weather" down there now. (SIGH...we have snow on the ground this morning!!)

Sure hope Kody had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

mama, that lil one makes me want to move back in the worst way. i dont know how much longer i can take living so far away from her and adri


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