Wednesday, November 14, 2007

He's a Florida Boy, Just Don't Tell Him That

We moved here 9 years ago when Kolin, the last of our litter, was only 11 months old.
Nine years later, he will never admit that he is a tried and true "Florida Boy". He freezes if the temp. drops to 70 degrees...seriously.
In the summer, when the AC's on...he wears long PJ pants and tops to bed.
During the day, he never wears anything more then a pair of boxers if he can get away with it.

And even though he still complains about gross Florida pizza like some kind of New York transplant....he loves bisquits and gravy, Spam and egg sandwiches, and he's even been known to dabble in grits with cheese.

He'll never admit to being a Florida Boy, he still blurts out "I'm a New Yawka!!" in his super exagerated NY slang.
He's got some awesome Southern mannerism, he's sweet to everyone, calls all adults "Sir" and "Mam" and he loves to catch those cute giecko lizards that live outside and in most of our windowsills.

When the sun starts to go down, and the outside air temp. starts to dip down to 73 or so...this is what my kiddo's looks like on any given evening and any given morning heading off to school....

Yep....he's a "Florida Boy", just don't tell my little "New Yawka" that, OK? :0)

Have an awesome day everyone.
Adriana will be here soon so I better go get myself ready.

Kody's home today with an awfully nasty stomach bug. Kids in his class have apparantly been dropping like flies..and as usual, nobody told me until my kid dropped yesterday. Dang it.

Love ya all!!!!



Jen from WI said...

Love the new pics. Hope Kody is feeling better soon! Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jen

Jill said...


Sorry to hear you have yucky tummy - no fun at all but I hope you are feeling better tonight!!
Kolin, you handsome little devil you look great in that hat and scarf. You look like your ready for winter is Missouri

Hugs from Missouri,

Leeann said...

ROFL! You gotta get that boy to a place where he can experience some REAL winter! There's nothing like a little sledding to Man you Up!

I hope Kody feels better soon and no one else gets it. Trey got off the bus in tears this afternoon and sure enough...the strep train has pulled into the station. lol

Take care!

Anonymous said...

well Kolin would die up here where I live..Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (where julianna banana is from) ..thats how I first found Kody's site...It can be -40 here on any given day in the

Anonymous said...

You know, it just hit me when I read that you moved south when Kolin was a little bitty thing...that I could have met that fine family of yours SOOO much easier if ya'd just stayed up here in good ole New York State!! :) But, like I've said before, the next time we come to FL I'll be sure to at least try and figure out a meeting plan!! :o) Kolin, you look great in that hat and scarf set! And you're doggone right about good pizza up in these neck of the woods. Now, to set you straight on something. New "Yawka's" are downstaters. This girl lives more toward central New York, where, believe it or not, we have a completely different slang than the City Slickers!! :-) Well, I've got to get going. Hope Grandma and Adriana had a nice day together, and that Kody's feeling better.


Christina said...

As a current NYer, your post made me smile!

I've got family who transplanted to FL and also claim that they are forever NYers, but they won't visit during winter!


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