Monday, November 26, 2007

Joe Boxer

Only when they're still pretty small do they look so cute with the droppy pants and boxers showing.

This is Kolin, and this is what Kolin looks like on any given day..that boy has never had much of a butt to hold his jeans up.
But...he is pretty cute and before he gets too old I wanted to photograph his Joe Boxers peeping out of his shorts.

See the no shirt thing? Can you believe it's almost December and it was something like 84 degrees with a whole ton of humidity today?
The weather guys call it "unseasonable weather"....Kolin calls it just plain hot.
Oh wait...that's what he calls himself..LOL!!

Till tomorrow...have a good one everyone!!

Love, Kim


Jen from WI said...

Too cute! Enjoy your warm weather - we had a windchill of -3 this morning in WI. Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jen

Anonymous said...

Dear K family,
84 degrees??? I'm so jealous! It was a whopping 33 degrees when I walked to class this morning. I used to live in Florida and days like today sure make me miss that toasty weather.
Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

Anonymous said...

84 huh, on my way to work this mornin the waether dude said it was 4 degree's above ZERO, enjoy your heat!!!!


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