Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet Marco...

My most favorite five month old on the planet.


Honestly, isn't he the most beautiful baby you've ever seen..I mean seriously, check out those lashes. Swoonin'....I love babies with long lashes.

Anyway, Marco is the grandson of a dear friend of mine and my oldest daughters. Her name is Maria.
Maria sent me this beautiful CD of a bunch of photos of Marco modeling the hats I've been sending him.
Gotta love the Gramma's of the world, don't we?

Here's more cuz just between you and I , I can't get enough of those perfect pouty lips and oh yea, did I mention those beautiful long lashes?
His Momma and Daddy are in serious trouble when he turns a teen. hehe







This weekend I'll show you what he's getting for Christmas. Cute, cute cute stuff I tell ya. :0)

On my way to drop Kolin at school here real soon and then Vinny and I have a date at the eye doctors. Talk about romance. lol

Have a great day everyone!!



Bethany said...

Hello Kim,

Don't know if I have ever commented before, but I have been following Kody's story for a long time. Had a question about hats. My niece is having a baby in February, but will not find out the sex until the birth. If one were to order a hat from you, what kind of turn around would there be? Do you have a place were you have pictures of all the hats you make?


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful little boy!!!

Kim said...

Hi Bethany...
Only a few days. Throw me an email:
We'll put a cute hat on that babies lil' noggin. :0)

Maloy said...

Molto sveglio bambino. :-)) Damn, my Italian is rusty.

Shiela in NY said...

Hey, I noticed his eyes and lips RIGHT AWAY! What an adorable baby!!! And the hats ain't so bad either - lol! ;)

I literally lol about your romantic date at the eye doctors. I guess I can relate. On 11/22 I had to see a retina specialist so my hubby drove cuz of the dialation crap. Anyway, I had to go to a place over an hour away cuz the 30 minute drive people couldn't see me til January and it was kind of a rush deal. Do you know that my husband and I had not been alone together for four hours like that (let alone 2!) in AGES. It seemed so nice to be able to talk uninterrupted. Talk about an odd date!!! :)


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