Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When Pets Attack!!

LOL...OK, sorry..I didn't mean to be giving you all heart failure this morning!

Truth be told...

No Wild Man Kids Were Harmed In The Making Of This Photo!!

As you can see by these next couple...this was all Kolin's plan to reinact some crazy Sci-Fi channel movie he's made me watch three times already, "Mega Snake".

See....Kolin's BFFL, Houdini, would never hurt a single hair on his head.

There's going to be a couple of new blog posts today, so stay tuned!!

Love, Kim


Lauren said...

haha awsome. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't even want to comment on this one because I am terrified of those slithery reptile things known as SNAKES!

But Kolin is so gosh darn cute that I had to (your pics are always so wonderful Kim!) and maybe .........just maybe if someone introduced me to one of those reptiles PROPERLY I could get over my lifelong fear. Cuz I feel just a tad foolish having that fear when Kolin is so comfortable having it around his neck.


Okay maybe not.


Connie F-G said...

You are a much nicer mom than me...I don't do critters. I allowed the classroom hamsters to come home for a weekend and since they were in the laundry room, I didn't do laundry that weekend. Drove the dog crazy knowing they were down there too!


Anonymous said...

My 8 year old wanted a rubber snake and I said no way....can't imagine knowing that is in my house when I go to bed at night.

Olympia, WA

dana said...

oooo... I am awake now!

one heebeejeebee triplets


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