Monday, September 24, 2007

No Knees and Leadfoot

Kyle James g-friend, Megan is a pretty cool chick. She's got tattoo's, she's got piercings, she's a vegetarian, she doesn't drink, she leads a drug free life, she loves my son and she keeps things in his life extremely drama free.
She's a perfect match for him.

Oh more thing..
Megan is an animal LOVER to the max!!

She's been known to bring small reptiles and other outdoor creatures to our home for the kids to enjoy looking at, then she turns them back free in the wild. {the creatures, not the kids}

Yesterday, while traveling in her old pick up truck, on a busy road, she spotted "Leadfoot" and not wanting this gorgeous creature to get smashed back a passing car, Megan drove off the road, ran into the street and lovingly tossed this sweet thang into the back of her truck.

Meet Leadfoot....

Leadfoot and I have alot in common.
We share the same face. No joke..this could be my self portrait.
Sometimes we just want to pull our heads into our shell and be left alone.
We both have wrinkles.
We're not young chicks anymore.
We have alot of attitude.
Best of all..we seem to really enjoy being held by these hunky arms...

Back off there Leadfoot..he was mine first.

Let's talk for a moment how Leadfoot got her name.

As I sat here yesterday, innocently, calmly, blissfully checking out everyone's else's blog's I heard some crazy commotion outside.
It didn't take long until I heard someone say "Look what Megan found today!!"
And then Karlio's boomin' voice saying "Kim, get your camera and get out here quick!"

Just a friendly reminder to Karlio and anyone else who is unaware..

I have torn up ligamented, useless knees..I don't travel "quick" anymore, not at any time, not for any reason.
However, I might just give it a final go for a Starbucks venti strawberries and cream frappachino, extra whipped cream, of course.

Hence..the name, "No Knees".

I thought, I really, seriously thought turtles were slow creatures.
I remember the "tortoise and the hare".
I love the Comcast turtle family.."The Slowski's"..."Ahhhhh, me time".

But Leadfoot...our precious Leadfoot...she has some "Ninja Turtle" qualities because that lil' shit ran her turtle butt all over the place and the only way I could possibly snap a picture was to have someone hold her, or wait till she trapped herself over by the fence.

Hence..the name, "Leadfoot".

Or maybe...just maybe...
Leadfoot's into Starbucks too. It's quite the possibility because I would take off for that in a heartbeat.

Leadfoot, yesterday you became, for a brief 15 minutes, my new BFFL.
We shared so much during those few minutes that you ran me ragged trying to snap your picture.
I missed you already as you ran your way into the safety of the swampy field behind our backyard that we placed you in.

If you ever feel the need to share a know where I am girl.

Later Leadfoot!

Love, Kim..your new BFFL


Cheri -- Olympia, WA said...

I always giggle when I read your blogs! Thanks for making me smile today.....BUT.....I was hoping to see a picture of the new girlfriend also :0)

Jaime from CT said...

I just LOVE this blog! Keep up the good work.

Jaime from CT said...

Can I just say that I HEART this new blog! You and your crew crack me up!

ClarkFamily said...

Good Morning Kim and Leadfoot! Thanks for that light hearted post this morning ... the humor you have in your writing is priceless ... thanks for making me smile today! I love the pictures of the gorgeous turtle! She is a pretty cute little leadfoot ... oh and I sympathize with you on the leather goods being worn on a body 30 poundslighter ... but those Strawberries and Creme Frappachinnos have made the 30 extra pounds DELICIOUS! Have a great day!


Cheyenne said...

Sounds like Leadfoot had a need to taste Dale Jr's new energy drink, AMP before you gound her!

Leeann said...

i have something in common with Kyle James's girlfriend...I am a turtle saver too. When my kids were younger I picked up a snapping turtle from the middle of the road as it was sauntering along. I put it in a sand bucket that I had rolling around in the trunk. That thing scared me ALL the way home! Did you know that snapping turtles HISS? I was about to wet myself driving home. I got home, called the kids out, let it walk around the court for a while (while I taught my middle son, now 8, the word "turtle") and then I set him free in the back near the wetlands. My kids may not remember, but I sure do!

Lauren said...

lol awsome pictures.
i love turtles :)

Trina said...

Hey girlie! Looks like you found me :0)

Glad to see you in bloggerland. Bout time! :0)

Thanks for stoppin by. Sorry I'm just now getting to reply but Jophie is in hospital still. The spa accomidations are just loverly! hehe

Cute turtle but I gather a bit fiesty eh? Can't wait to see K's new hair dooooo. :0)

Gotta scoot!
Talk soon,

For now, just - Lori said...

Thanks for the link Kim! Can't wait to catch up with all the uncensored stuff!!

Cathy Bowman said...

The turtle story rocked! Maybe he was all caffeined up! hahahah. I really needed a laugh today. You can count on me to come by and read your blog every day Kim. =)


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