Friday, September 21, 2007

From My Heart To Your Head sometimes it seems I am MIA. I am, but with a pretty good reason.

Alot of you know how I totally blew out my knees in August.
That very dumb move on my part has caused me to not be as busy as I like to be.

However, in an attempt to rest all those torn ligaments I decided to fall back on another one of my favorite things to do besides photography, photoshopping and hanging out at Starbucks.


From My Heart To Your Head

My newest project, handmade crocheted super cute, extremely photogenic hats for babies, toddlers and children.

I'll post new hats as I make them. that even better.
Your all the first to know that "From My Heart To Your Head" will be featuring "Kim's Chemo Kaps" for children and teens/adults very soon.
These will be affordable, super soft, seamless hats made just for our chemo friends everywhere.

Thanks for checking this out!!

Love, Kim

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