Friday, September 21, 2007

Storm Central

WOW...that's all I want to say right now...WOW..DAMN!!
We actually had to, at about 10 PM last night, get the hell out of this rickety old mobile we live in.
There were three storm/tornado cells that formed and all three were headed right towards us.
So, at 10 o'clock, Karl said "get the kids shoes on now". I did {only Kody and Kolin were home} and I gotta tell ya'all..those poor boys of mine were soooo freakin' scared, they were literally shaking like leafs.
Poor Kody, he couldn't even talk...he just held my hand in the car. Kolin, Kody's complete opposite...wouldn't stop talking.

Kaysha was at work and Kyle James was too. The first thing we did was drive in this storm that not only had moonsune and wind, but sky to ground lightening everywhere, non-stop, to Kaysha's job where management locked them up for safety..customers and all. {She works in a seafood restaurant}. Kyle's restaurant was locked down too...actually all Lake County businesses that were open last night at that time were.

So...we knew those two kids were safe and we headed out to the Leesburg parking garage which is pretty new, solid concrete and believe me, isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

So..we waited it out, the radio kept blaring with sirens and warnings. Every town around us had a tornado sightings, fires were being started with the lightening and in the end good old Leesburg dodged yet another bullet. WHEW!

Eustis {a town not far from here and where those wedding pics were taken at} was hit...but thankfully, no lives were lost, sadly some homes were though.

Our home is OK, the yard is a mess {debris} and since the kitchen ceiling leaked like mad, we had a bunch of water damage to our year old kitchen cabinets. Dang. :0(

All in all, we did OK. We just got home real late from the fiasco and I was at that point of exhaustion by the time we got back, dried everyone out and got to bed.

Thanks for the good wishes..I had no idea any of you knew? LOL!!

You know, I forgot to mention the other day..Karl still has his long, loooong hair. But, only because he caught himself a lil' stomach virus the day of his haircut and we had to postpone it.
So...yeah, I get to drag him around by his ponytail enjoy his long, looooooong hair for a few more days.
Oh, and BTW, Karlio if your reading this {and I know you are, nosey!} this is just for you Babe..

"Burglar Man...Burglar Man, does whatever a Burglar Man does!!"

OK, lemme go dig around for some new pic's. Ummm...wait, lemme go actually take those new pic's off the camera.
Procrastinator, yes...that's me.

Have a great one all!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well in Florida. Living in tornado alley I so understand what you are saying. I hate to hear those tornado sirens go off. Thanks for letting us all know you guys are ok.
Hugs from Missouri,

ClarkFamily said...

Oh Kim - I am SO sorry to hear about the storms ... we've had some storms here in the Upper Midwest - 17" of rain and lots of flooding and homes washed away ... it is ture when they say count your blessings ... I was relieved to hear the kids were all safe and sound ... last night on the way home from WalMart the skies were green and the sea gulls were flying away from it ... I told Jaden we had better get home before the hail comes ... soon enough the hail came flying ... Sorry to hear about your cabinets though - BUMMER ... but glad to hear Karl's hair is still long - yup I am a long haired man kind of gal too :0) Oh and the hand made hats are BEYOND cute - I will be sending out my order next week for 2 beautiful hats! Thanks for the tag the other day too ... Hope things are well today!


SeaJay said...

Glad you are safe and sound, thought about you last night while watching the weather channel. PS Thought I was the only one that loves doing laundry!!!! To me it's kindof like therapy, take a smelly crumbled mess and make it into something clean and neat and smelling great! Love CJ

katy said...

I saw the aftermath of those storms on the news this morning and thought of your family. We here in Ohio haven't had hardly any rain for months and would love to have a little, minus the wind and tornado's.

ErIn said...

Glad to hear you guys survived! The exact same system had me up at 2am that morning with major paranoia issues, watching the radar like a hawk! We've had 14inches of rain this week here in Putnam county and I'm soo over it!


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