Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Taking Action On Cancer Awareness

I have so many unbelievably, incredibly, wonderful friends I've come to really love like family. A couple of my real best friends live right in the next town. Just about every one after that lives all around the world, out here in cyber space.

One woman, in particular is named Jodi Freeman. Jodi is a gem..she really is. Not only has she been a great friend and inspiration to me...but she is one of Kody's most biggest fans.

Jodi wrote me a few days ago with an idea she had. An idea that is so awesome....she just had to share it with the world. She's even given me the thumbs up to share it with all of you.

You'll have to run on over to her blog to see it...but I'll give you some background.
Ya'all photoshop lovers are going to love this. And, for those of you who don't photoshop...your going to want to run right out to your local software store..and get yourself a me. :0)

Photoshop, as most of you know is the main ingredient in all those beautiful photos you see on almost every photographers website. There are just some things you cannot capture right out out of the camera, photoshop can.

Photoshop runs a little something called "actions". Actions simplify the process of adding that extra punch to photos. Like the "Ahhhhh" factor, you know?
Actions can also be very, very costly...especially for really professional actions.

There is a sad side to this.
Jodi's father-in-law, Mr. Bernie was recently diagnosed with a very horrible form of cancer and is currently waiting a bone marrow transplant.
In an effort to do something for her FIL, Mrs. Jodi has created the most beautiful set of photoshop actions I have ever seen...and believe me, I am super, mega picky about actions.
This set turns your photo black and white and then adds 14 different color overlays each representing different color "Cancer Awareness Ribbons".
They are, in one word, beautiful, gorgeous, OK..that was two.

Jodi's cost for these actions?
To please say a prayer for her FIL and all the familes everywhere whom life cancer has touched.

See, I told you Mrs. Jodi is a gem!! :0)

In addition to giving away her incredible talent...look to see who she choose for her first blogger poster child...none other then our Bear himself.

Go on and stop by and remember if you don't sure are missing out on a whole brand new world out there.

Taking Action On Cancer Awareness

Till tomorrow..have a great night!

Love, Kim

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Lauren said...

wicked awsome :D
i plan on having fun with those tomarrow.


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