Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kyle James and Megan..A Love Story

Megan came into Kyle's life at a time when he was definitely NOT looking for a g-friend. Oh...most def. no.
Kyle had just gotten home from his lil' vacation in Lake Cty. when he was pounding the pavement looking for a job, he didn't care where but he did care that it was at a restaurant...because Kyle is a chef, he is a terrific chef. He gets that from me, ya know.
OK..he doesn't..I lied. He gets it from his Dad.

It took several long weeks of being rejected {on account of that Lake Cty. thing and all} when he finally did get hired in a local seafood restaurant.
It was an OK place to be, not exactly his comfort zone seeing as he is the buffalo wing King, but didn't know a whole lot about appetizers named "frogs legs". But..he learned and he learned quick.

I remember him coming home and telling me about this "cute waitress" who kept talking to him, showing up on her day off just because she was "in the area" and my most favorite..
When Kyle James asked me what did I think this meant..
"Mom", he said..."She keeps putting her time card right behind mine even through there are plenty of open spots"
"Your a girl Mom, so what does that mean?"

Soooo.....mustering everything I could not to giggle..I told him..
"Awwwwwww my Baby, she likes you".

It was right then when he told me how...
1. She dresses like him
2. They like the same music
3. She has tattoo's
4. And the most coolest piercings.
5. She doesn't drink or do drugs.
6. She drives a beat up old pick up truck.

It was about then that I started hearing that classic song "Simple Man" playing in my brain and I was kind of torn between blurting out,
"You know that no girl will ever be good enough for my baby!" or "Well, what are you waiting for, ask her on a date!"

I choose the second one because Lord only knows...Karl facial parts starts cringing and his eyes roll back every time I baby my sons.

Anywhos...long story short.
He did ask her on a date, and they met at a local bowling alley. I dropped him off, she brought him home by 11.

It took a couple of weeks before she'd even come close to any of us...shy girl that she is, or was it us? Hmmm...I've often wondered?
Welp, turns out her family is even more dysfunctional then we are and we get along just great!

Kyle James went through his hell on Earth days. In all honestly..we almost lost him. Last winter were his and my darkest days, I was so sure that someone, possibly one of us would find him dead somewhere under a bridge, in a ditch, in an attic of the restaurant he used to work at.
Every time a police car drove by our home, I always had this sinking feeling they were coming to tell me that they had found him.

But, at his absolute most lowest point, Kyle sought help all on his own. He was in jail for a while. I made a point to visit him twice a week. We laughed, we cried, we made promises, every time I walked out of there a part of my heart died. Another part stayed right there with him, on the other side of that ugly, dirty glass wall.

Karl put his own freedom on the line when after writing to Kyle's Judge..he volunteered to do Kyle's time if only he would let Kyle James come home, under our care one more time.

Now..I don't know what Judge in his right mind would agree to that but it is pretty obvious that Karl was serious, that he seriously believed in his son and he seriously loved him with all a father's heart.

Kyle James came home in May, 2007.
Kyle James is happy, he is healthy, he is completely drug and alcohol free.
Best of all..Kyle James has found love...or did love find him?
Either way...he is happy and I couldn't be happier seeing him happy.

Sometimes even this Mom has to admit...
There is a girl in this world good enough for my baby.

So..OK, here they are..the happy Slipknot loving, Heavy Metal listening, tattoo wearing, reptile collecting, couple...

Kyle James and Megan..

Ahhhhh jeeeeeezz, get a room you two!!!!!!!!

Before I jump off...just to let you all know, Kyle James no longer works at that seafood place. He was recently hired at a local kickin' restaurant where he is doing more AWESOME then ever!!
I'm so proud of that lil' booger. :0)



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the 2 of them. I wanted to see what they looked like together....you read my mind! They are so cute :0)

Olympia, WA

Anonymous said...

They make a beautiful couple. Young love - ahhh. I am so happy that Kyle James has found someone that appreciates him and makes him happy. He's been through alot and it is really great to see things start to go his way.

Worth IL

Cheyenne said...

What a happy ending to his story. I knew what he went through because I read about it over at Kody's site. I am just so happy for him. See? He had to go through hell before he found heaven. Everything works out in the end. Good for him.

Jennifer said...

Awww Kim, they are so sweet together! I am so glad that Kyle has found someone that is good for him, and that the darkness in his life is behind him.



katy said...

They look like a happy couple. May they always be happy!

Lauren said...

aww thats cute :)

Anonymous said...

People can appear to make the motions and take the actions to make changes in their lives, but the eyes always tell the truth.

And that's exactly what Kyle James eyes show!

Happiness and Contentment!

A Wonderful Future ahead of him!

I'm so happy for all of you!

And I'm real proud of Kyle James!

And they are both so stinkin' cute together! ;)


Bethany said...

*sigh* what girl doesn't love a good ole rock and roll love story??? They are way cute!

Leeann said...

I'm so glad for him and for you that he is settled and happy and has such a wonderful girlfriend. I hope he stays that happy always!



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