Monday, August 22, 2011

Month Eight....

I seriously HOPE month eight turns out better then month seven, that one found myself in a dark place going backwards....again. :(

Month eight kicks off the first day of school for Kody and Kolin.
Kolin's 14th birthday is this Thursday.
Football games will be starting this Saturday {weather permitting, looks like we may be in the path of Hurricane Irene}
The boys and I joined a gym in hopes that working out will help us get rid of some aggression and might even keep our minds off things for a bit. Hopefully in a couple months I'll be a lot leaner and stronger too. :)
As for the boys, they had to have an evaluation by a trainer before they could join.
They not only passed everything but surpassed the 1-10 chart, 10 being the best as far as psychical shape goes.
They really love it there, Kody is into the weight room. Kolin likes the cardio room and I tend to stick with the Zumba {LOVE!!}, Kick Boxing and Total Body Work Out classes. I tried spin class...yea that's not likely to happen again. LOL!!

Saturday was Adriana's 4th birthday. She had sooo much fun!!
Here's a couple pictures...

Adrianas4thBirthday 032 copy

Adrianas4thBirthday 028 copy

I got her that kitchen with a bunch of accessories {fake food, pots, pans, etc} and her Momma says she hasn't stopped playing with it yet. I LOVE toys that leave playing to the imagination. Sometimes I really believe too much electronics isn't necessarily a good thing.

Well, I better get going. Kody left for school an hour and a half ago and I got to get Kolin to his.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Love the pink kitchen! With 2 boys here, I never got to buy the pink stuff. Take that aggression out!!!! Hope school is good for the kids also.

Kody Follwer

leese said...

Kim...the mind/body connection is one that can't be denied. I'm so thrilled you and the boys are in the gym. There's something to be said about endorphins!!!!
Sending lots of love from Joisey.


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