Monday, August 29, 2011

Kolin's First Game Of The Season

We won...7-0!!!

Saturday was his first game of the year, they did great and Kolin...WOW..he's on defense this year, a nose something guard maybe, I don't know..I'm still learning. :)

I do know a great play when I see one and Kolin definitely raised the bar on that.
Here's what I saw....

A kid on the opposing team {Pine Hills} cathes the ball, breaks thru a whole bunch of kids and takes off like a bullet towards the touchdown area.
He's running all by himself, kids can't catch up with him, there is nobody around and he is pretty sure he's going to make that touchdown when out of nowhere....

My super long legged son breaks out of where ever he was and like a gazelle, makes a dash towrd that kid, gaining on him then Kolin leaps with his whole body, grabs him by the waist and BAM....opposing kid comes down with a crash and Kolin saved the game by avoiding that touchdown.

It was a proud moment I tell you. :)

Here's a few pictures from that day. I didn't bring my good camera so most were blurry. Mental note, lug out the good camera.

These were taken before the game. First one, right after practicing..


Chillin' with his friends...


Last one is when they walk out onto the's really cool to see...

LeesburgJackets21011-2 copy

Have a great day every...time to take the boys to practice and karate. :)



Anonymous said...

Great job Kolin!

The place where they score the touchdown is called the endzone. Nose guard aka nose tackle is a position so you might be right.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Kolin! Keep working hard and I look forward to hearing more about your football successes!

Connie F-G
LaVista NE

sea52Jay said...

That last picture, kolin so has his game face on. :-)


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