Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ink For His Dad

Each one of us did special things with Vinny/Karl/Dad.
Kolin and he always watched the military and history channel, always talked about guns, weapons, etc.
The girls also had their "Dad" things, things that will always mean things to only them.
Kody had his too...he and his Dad would ALWAYS crank up the surround sound, put on videos on demand and rock out/head bang to all things heavy metal, Slipknot always being their favorite of all.
Back then they had the long hair and when Psychosocial came on, I'd walk in there, hair was flying every where, they would be having a great time and completely oblivious to anything or anyone around them.

So, for his 16th birthday, when Kody asked for his very first tattoo to honor his Dad's memory, and the memories they made together...there was no way I could tell him no.

After all Vin..."tattoos run in the family", right babe?

The night of his 16th birthday, I took him out to my tattooist, the ONLY guy who I will ever trust to permanently put his talent on any of us.

For his Dad, Kody choose the Slipknot "S", a tribal looking "S", but with my guy Ande's vision...which made a flat black "S" look like something in 3D, black and gray with the red on it that was so important to Kody.

Here we go....

KodysTattoo 013 copy

KodysTattoo 023 copy

I'll get some more close ups of it real soon.
And as anyone with tattoos knows, he's already saving his dimes and dollars to get another one day, although I've already told him he's gotta wait a year.
He was already thinking of the second one while he was getting the first one. :)

oh before I scoot...one more thing about Kody.
Tomorrow he will be interviewing for "Flight Sergeant" for his HS ROTC.
He is sooooo nervous and so excited at the same time.
Dream Big Bear!!!

Have a beautiful day all!!



Margie said...

Tell the Bear i'l be praying for him to do well.

Jenner said...

Love the tatt! Good luck with your interview Kody!
Love, hugs & prayers from WI,

Anonymous said...

Love it!


Tracey said...

I have to tell you I love the tattoo. I let my son get a tattoo when he was 15. He has wanted one since I adopted him at age 7. My sister passed when she was 17. My son has medical issues. So, who was I to say he couldn't have his dream at 15. Life is short!! He got beautiful praying hands on his chest. I love it! He too has wanted more and more since the first one. But, I did say he'd have to wait until he was 18. I'm glad for that because he keeps changing his mind of what he wants. :-) He is 17now, so he is counting down the days till his next tattoo in May of next year! - Tracey :-)


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