Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No News Is Good News

Or what I like to call..."Been busy....real busy".

First, I hope everyone had a great long weekend. We spent ours at Kolin's game on Saturday, then the rest of it at Karyelle's place. We met her new b-friend, looks like things are turning towards the serious...which means the year that she set her goals as to staying in Florida just might be extended. :)
Anyway, we got home last night and were wiped out tired...we kept busy like all weekend, which is good.

Kody Bear ended up going to bed last night not feeling great and by this morning he was 100% miserable, so he stayed home today.
Kolin, as always gets up and goes. He likes routine. Honestly, he hardly ever stays home, he has to be dying sick.

Kolin's game went good, well not good cuz we lost but good cuz he had fun and well, the other team was really good..so what can you do? Try better next time.
You know, last year it really would have bothered him that he lost. He would have been pissed and miserable and snotty the whole weekend.
This year though, he's OK with it, in the big picture if all things called life...losing a football game is not the worst thing in the world.
So, like we do around here a lot lately, we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and keep on trucking...that's what Vinzo would want us to do.

Here's some snaps from Saturday. If you get confused as to which one is our kid, my best advice...look for the bright orange shoes. LOL!

Running onto the field...

Sept3-2011 011 copy

IDK what he's doing here, talking maybe?

Sept3-2011 017 copy

Love when they line up like this...

Sept3-2011 031 copy

Contact sports are out of the question for Kody but because the team loves him and because he loves being a part of the team, he is once again, the teams official "waterboy". And ummm, no it's not your imagination, my baby boy is now taller then his big brother...

Sept3-2011 020 copy

Don't let the skinniness fool you, he's actually pretty strong...

Sept3-2011 018 copy

Sept3-2011 029 copy

H2-Awesomeness, that's what they call him, LOL....

Sept3-2011 037 copy

Anyway, back on the home front. I have been doing a lot of serious thinking about a way to make Karl's death not in vain, something positive out of the worst experience of our lives I guess you could say.
Since we have just recently found out that the other party involved in the head on had a blood alcohol level of .2, which from what I have been told is extremely high, I feel that it is in my calling to be the voice for my husband {who btw was 100% negative for alcohol and drugs, he lead a very clean life}.
Apparently, there was much more to this accident then what we were originally told.
I am putting much thought into this and I do have an idea I would like to hopefully, with the right connections, make a reality.
I'd rather not give it away right now until I have all my ducks in a row, t's crossed, i's dotted, etc.
All I can say is that in my dreams and in my grief I pray that our story can change a life and or save a life.

Well..I better get going for now, Kody needs some TLC. :)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



kendall said...

Oh Kim it breaks my heart to hear that Karl was the victim of a drunk driver. What a horribly ironic twist that he found sobriety but still you lost him to alcohol. And I'm even more pissed that they tried to hide this from you. That doesn't seem right.

I hope there is some recourse you can take and I hope your dreams of finding meaning come true. I can't wait to hear all about it!

I do have some experience with not for profits and fundraising- have run some pretty large charitable events if you need some help.....

Kim said...

Thank you...I just might. I got the name of a woman I am going to call her tomorrow. She counsels people with addictions and she does everything out of a baptist church :)

SamC said...

I have been a lurker for a while. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that the person that hit your husband was drunk. My then 8 year old son and I were hit by a drunk driver in 1998. We survived, the other driver didn't. I joined MADD. They really fight for tougher laws against drunk driving.

AMANDA said...

Kim I was so shocked and sorry to hear about your husband. I actually sent you an email to I guess your old email address when I heard (from one of the moms of one of the kids Arabella worked with). Unfortunately, it came back undeliverable. I just wanted to say how sorry I am. You have such a lovely family and for this to happen is just heartbreaking. I do not even know what to say. Really only my best to all of you and from Arabella (who not only still works with kids with cancer but is working in a brain research lab during the summers and on an Intel Talent Search project on pediatric brain tumors) PLEASE send me your email so we can keep in touch!!!! Amanda Uhry (Arabella's mom)

AMANDA said...


I just wanted to tell you how horribly sorry I am about your husband. I tried to email you when it happened, but I must have an old address for you: it came back. Please email me your proper email or find me on facebook so I can send you a real note (not on a blog)
Please know that our thoughts are with you always.

Amanda in NY (Arabella's mom) mpsa7777@gmail.com


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