Monday, September 19, 2011

Kody In The Hospital

is is the first chance I had to get a computer...sorry I couldn't figure out how to update from my phone.
Anyway, at 2:30 Sunday morning Kody woke me in severe abdominal pain. When he asked to get to the hospital I knew it hurt bad, he never complains.
Well, turns out the "pulled muscle" that LRMC diagnosed a few weeks ago was really the beginnings of a full blown shunt infection that reared it's nasty head that morning.

We got to LRMC about 2:40, they heavily medicated him and took cat scans where they found a pocket of fluid near the end of his shunt tubing which they felt could be an infection. They called his neurosurgeon in Orlando who wanted him taken by ambulance to Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital STAT.

While the EMS took Kody I flew home to grab Kolin and an overnight bag and hauled ass to Orlando. Fortunetly Karyelle who only lives 15 minutes away was able to get there so when Kody arrived he wouldn't be alone.

They ran x rays and scans from his head down to his belly and decided that it was a severe infection. They admitted him, got him into a room and because there was no time, sedated him at his bed with a team of five nurses and two doctors and cut a small hole in his belly where they pulled out a lot of the tubing that sits in his stomach.
The did do testing and there is an infection for sure.
In the meanwhile, until that infection clears they put an external tube from his belly that goes into a bottle which is hung by his bed to collect the csf (cerebral spinal fluid).

He slept all day and night and most of the morning, he has two kinds of antibiotics going in him and today, though he still hurts, but not as bad,they tested the fluid that runs through the external tube for infection.

In a few days he will have general surgery to replace all the shunt line tubing and if today's test comes out positive for infection they will end uphaving to replace the entire shunt, which right now we will be here a week, but if they replace the whole shunt, probably ten days.

So much for just an over night bag LOL.

Please if you could, pray it comes out negative, then he'll only have tohave the less invasive of the two.

We are still waiting to find out why this happened since for him to suddenly get and infection that bad after all these years and not even run a fever is extremely rare.

He did last week miss a few days of school, headache, stomachache, vomiting...this was what I thought a virus he picked up from school, turns out it wasn't a virus after all. :(

Anyway...I better get back to Bear.

Thank you to KK for helping run back and forth and Kayara for hanging with Kolin while I'm here with Kody.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



lauren said...

thinking of him, I hope they don't need to replace the whole thing and he's mended and out of there soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out, prayers are being sent your way from Fishkill, NY.

Miss Judy said...

Oh my gosh Kim, I hope he's feeling much better by now and needs all the less invasive fixing! I keep him and all of your family in my prayers, as always!
Hugs and Blessings,

Cheyenne said...

My prayers go out to Kody and I pray he has the minimal of the two suggestions. Kim, take care of yourself and Kolin while Kody gets better so you will all be strong for each other.

Anonymous said...

Sorry he is not feeling well. Praying he gets better real soon.


tricia said...

praying fot the Bear

Alisa White said...

Our family will be saying lots of prayers for Kody and for your whole family. Praying Kody will be out of the hospital quickly and back to his old self very soon!
Your friends in Proctor, MN
The White Family


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