Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good News!!

No shunt tap today!!!

They capped off his external because he was putting out so little fluid. MRI today or tomorrow morning to look at the tumor and his ventricles. If, {fingers crossed & lots of prayers} he is still putting out only a small amount of fluid and he doesn't start getting pressure headaches tomorrow morning during surgery they are going to take out the entire shunt...its possible he won't need one anymore after 9 1/2 years!!!!

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Isabella Sophia Provolone

It's been easier to update there quicker for now. :)



Jenner said...

Keeping Kody in my prayers.
Jen from WI

Amy K said...

WOW Kim! Life has been...well, life has gotten in the way, and I kinda lost track of you K's for awhile. I'm so sorry to read of Kody's latest difficulties. I'm praying, praying, praying for all of you...
Off to find you on FB so I can keep up to date on his surgery/recovery.
Hugs to the southern K's from the Northern K's.
Hang in there girl.....

Lisa Coody said...

I cant find you on facebook......realy want to keep up with Kody. Hope he is doing some better and surgery goes well this morning..praying!


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