Monday, September 12, 2011


"Yarnin'", not "knitting"...that's what Kolin has always called it. :)

Anyway, in an attempt to put some zen in my night life {lol..night life, what the heck is that??}, I pick up the needles and create.

This is a top I made for myself, though I'll probably give it away cuz I have nowhere to wear it.

These pictures are actually the back of it, lace top...the front looks the same without the lace pattern. It would probably be really cute with skinny jeans and a pair of heels.

KnitTop copy

knittop2 copy

Recently I've been working on a baby blanket with boats in it. I have no idea why...I don't have a baby, I don't know anybody who is having a baby. I guess I just liked the design. Crazy, I know.

Kolin's football has been keeping us busy every Saturday. He won against Winter Park last weekend, 35-7. He finally completed one of the goals he's had for this sack the QB. He did it!! :)

Kody's been going through a "phase" he seriously better get out of soon.'s making me insane. I know he's still grieving and I know I can't be "Dad", but I'm trying..I really am. I make mistakes sometimes but at the end of every day, I have given it my all. Sadly, my "all" isn't good enough it seems for him. :(

Other then that, we've been managing to make it through everyday. I miss my man more and more and more every single second of every single day.
I really...REALLY missed him this morning when my vacuum needed a "Vinny Tune-Up", stupid me forgot all about cleaning the filter...since like June.
I would give up everything to hear him say "Damn it Kim, why do you kill every appliance I buy you, your not getting anything new, learn how to care for your stuff, the bank of Vinny is CLOSED!" :)

Hope everyone out there is having a great day!!



Anonymous said...

Thinking of you.

The top is adorable.

Take that baby blanket to the local hospital nicu unit. They will find a little boy that needs it. The family will appreciate the gift during their time in the nicu. Or maybe a women and children's shelter near you. Some little boy will grow to love it.

Thinking of Kody during this time. Hopefully things get better for him soon and he is better to his momma soon.


SamC said...

The top is beautiful. You are very talented!

Being a teen is so hard and I can only imagine how much harder it would be without a Dad. You are a wonderful Mom and don't ever doubt it. I can tell from your posts and pictures that you are crazy about your children.

leese said...

I know with ALL you've been through, no doubt the 'teen years' seem like a lifetime ago. It may be Kody's having a good dose of himself being a teenager!! Even my laid back son had a mini rebellion. Hang in baby!!
Btw....LOVE the shirt!!!

Peggy said...

Kim, I love, love, love your sweater.

Want to make me one ?



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