Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not Today

He had a pretty rough night, so unless things change dramatically this morning and we can get a control on the pain {he had a bad reaction to the codeine in his tylenol last night} it looks like we will not be going home today.
Hopefully tomorrow. :)



Anonymous said...

Hope Kody gets better soon. Give him a big hug and kiss from us.


Love Mom, Pete, Crystal, Frank, Diana & Alexander.

29 right :)

Kim said...

Always :)
Momma write down here about your dream so I can remember it plz. TY!!
Love, Your baby girl :)

Anonymous said...

It all seemed to happen in Kody's hospital room. Karl said I was not there to take Kody with me, I was there to help him. He said to Kody it is not your time to be with me. I am here waiting for everyone when it is their time. He said Kody has a long time before he comes with me. He had on a nice button down shirt on. For some reason he said Manna. Maybe he was with you Dad? If I think of anything else I will write it down.

Jenner said...

Glad the surgery went well. Hang in there Kody! Sending love, hugs & prayers from WI.


Kim said...

Thank you Momma. Kody is so happy to hear that, I just told him. I never told anyone this but about two weeks before he died I had to know the name of the ship my dad stationed on, he was trying so hard to help me find out any info he could but without his ss number there wasn't much he could do.
Karl spent most of our marriage trying to convince me to forgive him.
I have.
Was it the same button up shirt I dressed him in at his service, the purple one?

Anonymous said...

No it was a very light one almost white. If you want any info on your Dad I think Mark has his papers. I know he still has his Navy dress uniform. Please tell Kody his Dad seemed very happy and had a big smile. OK pain is back and no I stayed home.
Please call me and let me know how Kody is doing. Don't print this your friends will think I am strange, ok maybe I am.

Kim said...

Its OK we're all a little strange..I get it from my Momma!! :)


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