Tuesday, September 20, 2011


things are going from bad to worse.

They capped off his external tubes today to see how he would react and it was bad, instant headaches that have taken him out all day. All day of pain meds and non stop sleeping/waking up briefly and vomiting.

His surgery is now 9:30 AM with an MRI first.
They are taking his entire shunt out and putting in external tubes to drain from his head (now they come out of his belly). So, for seven days he won't have a shunt while they run more antibiotics in him because the infection did go up to his brain.
After a week he'll need to have another surgery to put back in a whole new shunt. After he recovers from that we can finally go home.
So, we're looking at another ten days or so from tomorrow.

In the mean time he is really out of it,just plain miserable. I don't have a camera on me so the only pictures I can get are with my phone. I'll try to add them as I can.

Here's one I took this morning..

See the tube coming out of his stomach? That tube is his external drain, it drains the cerebral spinal fluid from his ventricles into a bottle that hangs from and IV pole. Tomorrow morning he'll have one coming out of his head instead of his stomach.

Sorry it's not the greatest picture but right now it's all I have. :(

I'll try to keep this updated as often as I can,but please check Facebook cuz I will probably be updating that more often since I can do that with my phone.

Thank you everyone for the prayers.



Anonymous said...

Sending prayers for you both. How scary this all is. Hope they can get his pain to a more managable state.
Take care,

shelley said...

My heart goes out to you for all you're going through. To give you some hope, I want you to know that a few years ago I too had a shunt infection (same type of shunt Kody has) and had to have the external drain from my head for a while so I could get the antibiotics to get the infection under control. And with the external drain they can control the pressures, and my headaches resolved very quickly. My family would tell you it was like night and day how quickly I felt better. I am sending positive vibes that Kody will find the same relief.

Anonymous said...

A long time follower from Caringbridge...I hate to see him like that :( But, he is strong - wow his picture doesn't look like a boy in that bed...the bear is growing up! Most importantly, you know he has one amazing angel watching over him. Stay Strong.
Praying for you all
Trish in OHio

Cheyenne said...

Prayers continue from this corner of the world.

tricia said...

praying so hard for Kody!

Jenner said...

Sending tons of love, hugs & prayers your way!
Jen from WI

Anonymous said...

Added you on FB. Not that you know me personally but somehow I found Kody's caringbridge site years ago and have been following and thinking of your family all these years. You guys are in my prayers.

I'm angry right now that you guys have had to endure so much and it just keeps coming. I don't get it. You seem like amazing people full of life, love and laughter.

Kody is a fighter and his daddy is watching over him for you. Praying for a speedy recovery and good news to start coming in.

Rachel Kinneberg

leese said...

And here I was going with the 'no news is good news' theory!! YIKES, Kim!! Poor bear...he does look so miserable and lord knows he's got every right.

I'm so sorry you all are going through this!! Sending loads of prayers your way!!!

Friended you on FB to follow updates. HANG IN THERE!!


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