Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're Back Baby!!!!

As of oh, about 30 minutes ago..we are back and better then ever.

Let's see, what's new today.

Well..after not having TV for several days, Kolin is currently in high definition heaven.
Kody on the other hand has the world's worst headache today, it's been there since early this morning as though he is medicated to the max, it simply will not budge. So..TV is something he just isn't into tonight. :0(
Karlio is at work and after a weeks worth of constant moving, lifting, loading and tired, and I am talking tired. Needless to say, he can't wait to come home tonight and watch TV...I mean see his beautiful family.
Since he doesn't start till noon, at the very least he can sleep in a little tomorrow. He's got this weird body time clock though, I know he will be up by 6 AM. I just hope he remembers to get me up so we can honker down and watch GMA together while the Hell Raisers are still sleeping.

Here's a few pic's. I thought I took more, but forgive me..I have been kind of on the lazy side about that.
I have been making up for it by emptying boxes after boxes all is forgiven, right? :0)

This was Day #1.
Karlio had left early for work.
The boys were sound asleep.
All I had was a smokin' hot cup of coffee in my favorite gifted by Bear Camp Boggy Creek mug.

nnewhouseday1 002

Some cute cabana beachie inspired deco for the kitchen...

nnewhouseday1 005

And this wonderful view from near the front door.

Ashley sofas to the right, which BTW have already been moving 2x cuz we just weren't feeling the "love/flow"
Things are much better now...the love is flowing once again.
Dining room table to the left with palm tree leaf bamboo placemats.

nnewhouseday1 009

I am happy to report that screened in porch you see there in the distance is now unloaded and looking very pretty with it's Martha Stewart furniture in there.
Also, that is where Korey and Houdini the snakes live until the cool weather gets here.

Decorating is still coming around...just kind of taking it slow till we figure out what we really want.

All is going great and other then Kody feeling really horrible today, life is good and we have been truly blessed this past six months.

Well, I better get going and see if I an wrestle the remote out of Kolin's hand for a while.

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim


Shiela said...

WHOOHOOO! I love the you are back!!! :) I'll be honest and I did check some yesterday (you DID say maybe it would be sooner than Wed!). :o) Sorry to hear Kody has a headache.

I love your house pics!! I have one question though. I noticed you didn't call the screened in porch a "Florida Room". Since you're an ex-NY native and now a FL resident, can you please enlighten me on WHY people that live IN Florida call their screened in porches a Florida Room? EVERY room in their house exists in Florida, for crying out loud!!! :)

Hey, I gotta go. They eyeballs are burning and eyelids are falling. Getting up waaaay too early every day. At this point I'm going for 5.5 hours of sleep!!

CONGRATS, again, on your new home! I'm so excited for all of you!

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on the new house. I can't wait to see more pictures as you decorate. I hope Kody feels better soon. I've probably missed this, but is this house close to your old one? Are the boys close to their friends or do they have to make all new friends? They are both so funny and charming I'm sure they'd have no trouble with that. Enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new house. And don't feel bad about not having it decorated. I have been in my house five years in November and its still not decorated. We have maybe half of it done!!!



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