Friday, August 28, 2009


Of all the bugs in the world, the dragonfly has got to be my all time favorite.


Course, you couldn't convince me of that as a kid. I swore that needle on it's backside was going to impale me for sure. LOL!

This photo, although pretty darn good...could have been made phenomenal if only I had a *sniff* macro lens of my own,
But....Karlio says "No..we have to pay the living room off first"
So I asked him, "If you like furniture so much can we get a new bedroom set?" and he said...
" to pay the living room off first".
Guess that makes me the dreamer and him the doer.
Dang that darn doer.

School went not too great yesterday. Kolin bit into his rib-a-cue sandwich at lunch and lost that temporary filling which left his nerve exposed again.
Tuesday morning he gets some dental surgery as he will be having his nerve treatment done. Then in a couple weeks, the tooth finally rebuilt.

Kody took a fall down a flight of stairs and cut up his, I am off here in a second to call his Dr. to see if he will fax over a note allowing him to take the school elevator instead. Remember, Kody has no downward vision at all so maneuvering steps especially in a new situation, unassisted, can be difficult.

I totally miss those sweet, lazy summer days. *sigh*

Anyway, I better get to making some phone calls.

Hope everyone out there has a really great day today. :0)



Sea52Jay said...

Poor kidos, both in one day!!
:-( I think the elevator is a good idea, I have minimal depth perception and I am always banging up my toes by misjudging what I THINK might be a raise or lowering of height of where I am walking. I can't imagine not being able to see down at all!! BTW, this morning is the Children's Miracle Network callathon at Shands and I called in a pledge and dedicated it to our Bear. :-) Love to all K's, CJ

Kim said...

CJ...your awesome. {{{hugs}}} :0)

Shiela in NY said...

Ugh! Poor Kolin & Kody! I am guessing it was hard for Kolin, with his tooth missing, but also the pain from the exposed nerve. :( Am keeping my fingers crossed that Kody is allowed to use the elevator at school.

You know...the other day I was on the phone with someone and was staring out the front door. There wa a dragonfly buzzing back and forth and I found it odd that it stayed for so long. Of course, nobody was bugging it but it definitely hung around. I've heard that some people feel that dragonflies are a sign of someone from your past......the one you took has GREAT blue eyes. I'm also fascinated by them! The thing I miss from my childhood is grasshoppers. We see maybe one or two a summer. Shows what pesticides have done..... :(

Our summer weather looks over already. Mon/Tue they are talking highs of low 60s and lows in the 40s! BRRRR!!! Well, have a great night!

Anonymous said...

The elevator is a great idea. My Rachael needed to use it at her school during her senior year when she was undergoing chemo. The question from the "brains" at the school asked..."How can we be sure she won't abuse the privlege"...damn I am surprised I didn't slug someonw....Rachael was finally allowed use of the elevator, and when she needed someone to help her carry her books, due to her weakness from chemo, well, that was another fight...

Kathie Mayo


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