Friday, August 7, 2009

Holy Cannoli Dude!!!!

So..I just get a phone call and Karlio is on the other end.
The first thing he says is "Are you sitting down?" and I say "No, why" He says "Sit down Baby I have some bad news"
At that point I am thinking...Oh God, what now.
Then he says "Well, I won't be working here much longer" and my heart just sank..I mean sank deep.
Then the Goober says...

"Cuz Baby, I just got a huge promotion and my office, as of Monday, will now be a big ass flat bed and a whole lot more hours"

My man is taking his HAZMAT {spelling?} test on Monday and will be the new, ummmm.....oh donkey balls, I can't think of his new title, but anyway he scared the heck out of me and now I am attempting to update and put my heart back where it belongs...which almost sort of got upchucked and landed on the floor.
{Sorry about the visual}

The moral of this story is.....

Just keep swimming cuz life is good and anything worth having is worth fighting and waiting for.

And now, a picture of a cheerfully colorful flower decoration I found in my unpacking that I have had for many years and completely forgot about. It still had the price tag on it. LOL!
It now sits happily near the front door.

newhousedaysomething 008

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Donna said...

Congratulations!!! Good people deserve good things!

Shiela said...

Okay, so MY heart sank as well, and then I LOL about your "donkey balls" forgetfullness!!! (And then I envisioned Donkey on Shrek!!!) :o)

CONGRATS, KARL, ON YOUR PROMOTION!!!! Good thing you tend to cook dinner around that house or I think you'd deserve it if Kim said, "YOU'RE cookin' supper for what you pulled earlier!!" ;-)

I sure hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Shiela in NY...where's it's already feeling like Autumn. :(

Debbie Jean said...

Oh I am so happy for ya'll. A new home , Kody is well, and a new job for Karlio!! Life can be good! God is good all the time!! Oh how is Kolin's tooth??

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Kim said...

Sheila..I swear I am learning to cook. Today I bought a big ole sub turkey sub sandwich from Wally for the boys and me for dinner. I added the mustard, mayo, and pickles. That is cooking, right? LOL!!

Kim said...

Hi Debbie...
He's doing OK but we are still waiting to get it fixed. It will be done before school starts this month for sure. :0)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Your family deserves every bit of happiness and good fortune that comes your way!

Jaime in CT :)


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