Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Bit Of Firecracker Cuteness

With the firecracker personality that she is pretty easy to see why she has gotten dubbed with that nickname. :0)

Ready for some cuteness? Here goes...

Adriana in her "bug"


Rockin' the hater blockers...


Today the best Uncle in the world award goes to...



The kids triple birthday month birthday cake...


And because we all need to laugh from time to time...imagine my laugh when I walked out and saw this...


Which, was funny enough but when I heard him singing Weird Al's "Ridin' Dirty" while riding around in circles, I just about had to run back inside to...well, you probably know what I mean. LOL!
That kid just kills me sometimes, I swear he never stops making me laugh.

Hope all of you have a really fun laughing day too. :0)



Shiela said...

Kolin, you are waaaay too much! What a funny pic of you in Adri's car!! I LOVED the one of you and Adri in the sweet!!

Kim, I can't believe how grown up Adri looks. You must give that baby girl tons of hugs every second you're with her!!!

Have a great night!!

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe how much Adriana has grown. She's cuter than ever. The picture of Kolin and Adriana is so sweet. Happy Birthday everybody.


Amy said...

I love the pictures of little miss firecracker, she grown so much!!
Everytime I see a picture of Kolin being crazy I think, we should call him 'crazy train'!!
Happy Birthday Bear, Firecracker & Crazy Train!!
love ya,

Anonymous said...

I think I've finally figured out how to sign the guestbook without using my no-longer-working password.

I love all the pictures you've been taking. I LOL when I saw Kolin the car. You guys just have so much silly fun and that's the best!

Congrats on the house. What an awesome event.

School started here Tuesday so it's pretty quiet during the day. But, it was time...too many times I heard, "I'm bored!" She's now looking forward to a couple more weekends at the pool to bask in the sun and work on that tan before winter hits.

Connie F-G

Flossie said...

You have such a gorgeous family! And you take some great pictures of them too! Happy B'day to your 3 Krazy babies! by the way, Adri has grown up so much! 2 already--seems like yesterday when you were waiting for her to be born...


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