Sunday, August 9, 2009


What more can I say? A shady spot, quiet time, a magazine and an icy cold lemonade.
Now that's what I call a good summer day.

lemonade 004

lemonade 005

Today we tackled the garage which up until this afternoon had become a "staging area" for all out "stuff"...Christmas stuff, Easter stuff, Halloween stuff, my stuff, their stuff, stuff we forgot we had, stuff we wished we had left behind, our adult kids who have been moved out stuff and just stuff in general.
Now that "stuff" is conveniently located in the attic above the garage. WHEW!

Everything else is rolling right along and although we are still in the settling in stage, we are loving every crazy minute of it. :0)

Well my friend and family, we are off in a little bit to go gas up the car for tomorrow's trip to Orlando so Kody can see his Neurologist, get refills on all his meds, get the results of his EEG and best of all..
Dazzle them with his reborn voice, his Dr. hasn't heard it yet. :0)

I think just maybe a trip out for some Racetrack ices would be a pretty good idea too.

Have a great day everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Yummm--eee! That lemonade looks great!!! GOOD LUCK TOMORROW, KODY! I'm so glad you're going to be able to show that new Dr. of yours that great voice of yours!!

Kim, I LOL when I saw your "attempt" at supper the other night. SOUNDS LIKE MY KIND OF PREP!!!! :o)

And.....I'm stickin' my nose where it doesn't belong again, but also couldn't help notice your comment to "A". (Yes, I LOL!) I'm gonna guess that because you made a small typo today and wrote "FRIEND and Family" that "A" will then leave a nasty message that you only have one friend. WELL, IF THAT IS THE CASE, YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN COUNT ME BEING THAT "ONE FRIEND". PLUS, OH, ABOUT 200 +/- OTHER PEOPLE THAT FOLLOW YOUR AWESOME FAMILY!!!

Have a great night! From your Half-Sister in NY...


Dana @ Our Legacy Portraits said...

Just stoppin by to say Hello!! Love the new blog header! ; ) Have a great day and good luck in Orlando!


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