Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day Of School 2009

And they're off!!

FirstDayOfSchool2009 004

One brand new 8th grader and one brand new 6th grader off to take on the world...or scope out girls & collect phone numbers, from what I heard at the breakfast table this morning. :0)

They left and got their first day of school started without a hitch. It was probably, in all honesty, worse for me. Those two Goobers sort of grew on me over the summer.
Seems a little strange and awfully quiet not hearing them around here today.
Just when I got used to hearing "We are professionals, do not try this at home" coming out of the mini video clips they have been making of themselves this past week. has been crazy. They have also reenacted parts of the "Halloween" movie...and are all excited that the new Rob Zombie Halloween will be out this weekend.
Truth be told, Michael Myers rocks and I can't wait to see it as well. Kolin and I are total horror flick junkies...always have been. LOL!

Anyway, after dropping them off at school Karlio and I headed over to Wally World to pick up a birthday cake so that we can celebrate Kolin's 12th birthday, which is tomorrow, today, while he has the day off.
One thing lead to another and a half a buggy of Wally goods later, we walked out wondering why the heck we can just never stick to the list.
That little episode called for Cappuccinos...STAT!

So, we got ourselves over to our local Racetrack and picked these up...

FirstDayOfSchool2009 021

Which gave Karlio all the energy he needed to mow the lawn and me all the energy I needed to start making more of these...

FirstDayOfSchool2009 024

Which, from what I hear..makes my photographer friends' tiniest client's noggins, very, very happy.
Which, makes me happy too. :0)

Two and a half more hours and my lil' Hell Raisers will be back home.
Wanna know something?
I can't wait!

Have a great day everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Nobody really gives a shit. I mean honestly, who really cares?

Kim said...

Well, ummmm.....hmmm..let me think a minute. Wait, yeah...hold on, YOU...cuz you keep coming back everyday. LMAO...MORON!

Shiela in NY said...




"Funny" thing is.....I was actually checking on this GREAT, AWESOME, WONDERFUL family at about the same time you posted your 'lovely' comment last evening. I just didn't have two minutes to post a comment myself. (Then I got tired and fell asleep but who cares about that, right?!) Anyway...point is...I was gone all day, came home, checked my messages, and checked on the K family. I DO care, and I can say that from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! And so can tons of other people that CARE TO STOP BY THIS BLOG OR KODY'S CB SITE.

Grrrrrrrr....why is it that such simple things can get in the way of "family"? "Anonymous"...I've lost a brother way too early in life......and you're losing family way too early in life by treating them like crap! back to the post from last night....SO GLAD K&K HAD A GREAT FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! (And at this point I can't remember what I read b/c of my "soap box" episode!!!) :o)

LUV YA, K FAMILY!!!!!!!! (Even the anonymous family member .... lesson: if ya don't spread the love, others can't learn from it!!!!!)

Kim said...

Can I hear a "WOOT...WOOT" for the giving a shit givers!! LMAO!!!!!
Luv Ya Lots Sheila!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I check on Kody's site at least once a day and I never comment but I just had to when I saw the comment for the moron. I love seeing all the updates...Keep up the good work Kim.....
Stay the heck away if you don't care what goes on.
Jennifer Sanborn
Philadelphia, PA


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