Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our First BBQ

Can I hear a "YUM-A-LICIOUS"? :0)

newhousedaysomething 001

newhousedaysomething 002

Props to the Dad Dude for some pretty awesome chicken that day...which I think was on "Day 3".

Not much going on today, just puttzin' around putting things here and there. I think a little recouping would be a great idea actually cuz the moving insanity has finally started getting to me.
I wonder if maybe a nice cold lemonade would help. Yeah..I think so. :0)

Starting today I am completely throwing myself back into "From My Heart To Your Head". I had to put that on the back burner for a few weeks but it feels like I really should be getting myself back there.
If only I could find all my supplies. Hehe...

Lately I've found myself with a love of the colors brown and orange. So, because our new LR furniture is a beautiful suede chocolate brown and because I saw some sweet brown and orange polka dot patterned throw pillows at Wally last week I think I want to go with that color theme.
Pops of color...Oh how I do love me some color pops.

Welp everyone...I think I am going to have to get going.
I hear the boys playing havoc out in the garage and I can only imagine what they are up to this time.

BTW...speaking of the boys, here's a little story to tell.

OK, day one and I am busy unpacking like mad. The boys ask if they can go skate on their boards and I say "Yes but DO NOT skate down the driveway" {which is sloped, not alot but sloped just enough}
So....not 30 seconds later I look outside and see Bear laying on the side of the road holding his side and Wild Man A/K/A Kolin skating at full speed ahead down the driveway.

Yes..I took the boards away.

Kolin's excuse...

"My brother was hurt and I thought that was the fastest way possible to help him".

Day Two:
I thought hid the boys amplifier really well.
I didn't.
They found it, plugged it, the electric guitar, and a microphone into the garage and for several days now I have been listening to them practice their new heavy metal band skills.

The entertainment never ends when you have boys. LOL!

Have I mentioned lately I need Zen?

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Sheila..I honestly have no idea. I call it like it looks...a screened in porch. I guess if I were to put an orange tree or a palm tree or two in there it would be a Florida room maybe? LOL!


Shiela said...

Hey, everyone! Hope you're all fine! Glad you're settling in...when we moved it took me THREE YEARS to the month to get my wall hangings and decorations unpacked. My excuse is that I also started a business when we moved and, man on man, does that keep me busy. Sorry, Kim, but I LOL about Kolin's reasoning for skating to his big bro. :) I'm also envisioning the new neighbors, watching/hearing out/through their windows. They shouldn't rock concerts now!! :-D

Have a great day...and I'd be glad to come visit your screened in porch/FL room any ole time! :o)

Luv yaz!

Shiela in NY

cheri said...

Congrats on your house! Were you renting before or did you own that one also? Can't wait to see inside pictures of the entire house!



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