Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crazy, Hazy, Lazy Summer

Summer around here will last, oh, probably 4 more months..then it will turn into fall. Seriously, we have only two seasons round here...we are missing spring and winter. bad...isn't under 60 degrees winter? Yeah..I am pretty sure it is. :0)

Here's a quick snap of my two hell raisers out playing some ball.
It's over 90 degrees everyday in the shade so they only go outside 10 minutes at a time. If I want a picture, I gotta act fast.


So, we took a quick trip out to Big Lots this morning. I could just browse that store for hours.
Anyway..I found the most coolest B&W Damask Ottoman for soooooo cheap and now I am sitting here kicking myself upside the hiener for not getting it.





to see if I really, really can't live without it.

Oh heck, it's been two hours...

Tomorrow morning Kolin gets to go to Camp Carver for three hours. Since he is a brand new middle school-er this year, his school throws this cool mini camp for the newbies. They show them around, feed them all kinds of junk food, and basically tries to take away the newbie jitters.
It's a really awesome "A" rated school and all the things they do for the kids, I can't even begin to tell you.
I feel safer sending them to middle school then elementary school any day. It is that good a school. :0)
Plus, another kickin' advantage this year is I will have the two boys in the same school. With Kody finally being healthy enough this year to go full time, I've got only one drop off and one pick up. What's better then that?

Well...I better get off of here for a bit.
I've got a boys hat pack in the making and another Artisan Throw I want to finish and have them up by tomorrow.'s feeding time at the zoo again.
Do these boys ever quit eating, ever?

Have a great day all!


PS. Yes "A" Rachel Ray is very awesome and saying EVOO was not original, I agree...blah, blah, blah. I got to tell you though, I really think Emeril is the bomb.
"BAM"...upside ya fat head loser. :0)


Shiela said...

THANKS for reminding us that you have 4 more months of summer. We have, oh, about two weeks. You matter what the weather, once we change that calendar to SEPTEMBER we're guaranteed cool nights, and sometimes down right chilly mornings.

That kick-off camp for Kolin sounds great; what a great idea!!

Sorry, but I LOL about your P.S. to "A" today. This is becoming quite soap opera-ish, or CSI-ish. (Can't decide if it's the drama, or missing clues, that intrigues me!!) :o) In any event, I LOL today!

Have a great rest of your day!

Shiela in NY

Heidi said...

Just catching up with your family. So happy for you with the new house! What a blessing!

Did I miss something? Where is Kayasha? I haven't seen any pics of her or heard her mentioned lately in your blog. If you'd rather not say, that's fine too. Curiosity just got the best of me.

Dot O said...

Love this photo - Does look so like the lazy hazy days I remember as a kid. Just catching up on my blogging buds. I just got home from chaperoning 87 kids at marching band camp in Maryland and I can tell you that I don't think it is anything like Camp Boggy Creek. I sauteed in the heat for almost three days with no AC and lots of every kind of bug you can imagine. Happily, I am now home with the dogs and my hubby has driven to camp and will chaperone and swelter for the rest of the week. Now I can get back to this business of blogging and reading blogs!

Glad the neurology visit went okay and am so glad the boys will be together at school.


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