Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chocolate Madness

Too bad this little gem didn't last longer then two was sooooo, soooooooo good. :0)

kolinsbday 011

Yep, we are a bunch of chocolate peep's round here.

School is going really good for the boys.
There is just one little bleep in Kolin's schedule that he went in early to try and fix this morning.
Chorus is not going well. He thinks it's just too "babyish". Truth be told, the boy is no singer and the song choices are well, let's go with "gentle". LOL!

So...two days ago the chorus teacher asks him to sing a solo. His choice, any song will do.
Now while the other kids were know, kid songs my kid busts out with "Pyschosocial" by Slipknot.
LOL..yeah, Slipknot, his favorite band ever.
Many of you might not know who they let me let you on on it.

Click......>>>>> HERE PLEASE.

If you've gotten through the first 6 seconds, your awesome.
This I live with, everyday and if you can believe it, I know all the words to every Slipknot song cuz well, like I said..I live this everyday. When you hear a song fifty thousand times, you sing it in your sleep.

Anyway, needless to say it didn't go over real well with teacher and he was told to sit down rather quickly. Hehe....

So, this morning he went in to see if he could switch to "band". LOL....I have been trying to explain to him that band probably won't be much better, but he insists. We'll see. :0)

OK, I am off to Publix to pick up some tea. Yeah...tea. I have to have some today for some crazy reason. Crazy, I am not a tea drinker at all but gots to have me some today.

Have a great one everyone!!



Anonymous said...


Sea52Jay said...

Well I'm officially traumatized ROFL. I've been with it with all the music Ashley was growing up so I know what you mean about knowing all the words. LOL Band geek!! The thought is just too funny. Gotta run, Kim email me. Ashley shared some with me. We need to talk. <3 <3 <3 CJ

Shiela in NY said...

OMG - I am SALIVATING (sp?!) just looking at that chocolate cake! (Remember the same thing happened with your pickle pic, but that was obviously a different type of salivation!!! :o)]

Sorry...but I LOL about Kolin's song choice! Maybe band will work and drums could possibly be fun for him, but at his grade level it's "just" keeping the beat and tempo for the band so some kids find it boring. Plus add in the fact that he'll also have to do the symbols and triangle......

I'll be interested to hear how his request went over! If they ask the chorus teacher's opinion s/he just might push for band as well! :o)

Have a great day!!

rocketbear said...

Pineapple pizza and chocolate cake? Yummo! I'm coming to your house next month for MY birthday! LOL

I live with teens that listen to that same type of things. Gotta love it.

I hope he does like band. At least playing an instrument, like drums, can be used to play in a 'real' garage band later. Look out, Mom, those years are a LOT of fun. Mine were convinced that not being able to sing was no reason to not be in a band, singing metal. ROFL

BTW, the early release Weds isn't a Fl-wide thing, sadly. I only know of it in your county from another friend over that way. I wish we had it here. It would make a nice break in the middle of the week.

Random said...

Why is it that Kolin has to do any of those classes? Is there a required "music option" or something, so that he can't take something more fun, or nothing at all, instead?
In any case, I wish him luck with band. There, at least, they will give him something to MAKE NOISE, which is always a hit. (When I was in band, the cool kids played trumpet, but drums does seem more Kolin's style!)

Kim said...

Kolin and Kody too wants to do PE year round, but the school says no. :0(
They put Kody in keyboarding..LOL..maybe he will eventually get out of the one finger typing habit. :0)

Cheri said...

I too know all of slipknot's songs, but not because of the 16 year old in the house! I love to crank it up loud and clean. Love the new one... sulfur. (she likes techno)

Now to go curb the sudden chocolate craving I seem to have acquired...


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