Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Many Moods Of Me

Today am am...


I can be all this in 0.6 seconds, and I can do it all in stilettos, if I want to.

blahTuesday 003 copy 2

I have a mildly gothic purple & black bedroom with touches of girlie stuff everywhere.
I am a clean freak.
I hate dirt.
I do 70% of our families housework.
I now have to have my three kidlets pick up the other 30%.
I don't insist Karlio does "housework", fixing things & driving us places...yes, cleaning things, never.
I don't feel at all guilty about the last two things.
Some days it hurts too much to even blink.
Some days I crank up the music and challenge Kaysha to "dance offs".
I usually regret that the next day. Hehe...
My whole family is aware that...
"If I die before I wake, my red stilettos I will take"
I am late for everything.
I am late in leaving to pick up the boys as I type this. Darn.

Gotta run!!

Take care everyone and have a great day!!



Shiela in NY said...

LOL about you being late to pick up the boys, AS YOU SIT THERE TYPING!!! :) My hubby and I are notoriously 10 minutes late. The family knows it. The family plans around it. (Now to let you in on a little secret...I will often lie and tell him the wrong time for doctors appointments so that he can hopefully get there ON TIME!!! SHHHHHHHHH!!!)

As for being a neat freak. I sure wish I could say that. Ever since starting my own business my house, ummmm...does NOT get the attention it deserves. :( Drives me crazy, but this is the way I get to stay home with our children. If I could afford to, I'd hire someone but that's not possible. Oh well!

Thanks for the cute update today! Some of it sounds like me today, but my excuse is PMS (sorry, Karl, if you're reading this...!).

Take care!

Amy said...

That is a fantastic photo Kim! You're certainly allowed to be all those things...we are women! :)
I don't ask my hubby to do any cleaning either; however, you are very blessed to have K to do your BBQin'/smokin' like he does...makes me drool when you post those pics!
Have a wonderful day!

Laura said...

Love the picture...the eyes go right through me! Self potrait??

Kim said...

Thank you everyone!! :0)

Laura...yes ma'am, it took all of 6 seconds to take.
PPing the under eye baggage out took a lot longer. Just keeping it real. :0)


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