Saturday, February 27, 2010

#6, Mr. Thee Battleharden

Crazy Kid.
Class Clown.
Hyper Thing that he is...

Not much else to say, anyone who's got a "baby" in the family knows the last one's are usually almost always the funniest, and funnest. :0)


Over it already, lol....


Have a great day everyone!

It's going to be a rainy, damp and chilly one here today, but I'll take the rain over that northern snow any day. Dang, good luck with that...I hope it melts away on you guys fast. Meanwhile, we will be watching you on the news. :0(


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Shiela in SNOWY New York said...

Not sure what made me come back today, but glad I did. Like the pics of Kolin. Thanks for the "heads up" on the last of the litter theory. :)

I have to say...just as I was getting ready to leave a comment I saw the links that say "you might also like". One said, "Prayers for Mr. Stan" and I knew it was about my brother. Yes, I clicked on it. Yes, I cried (again). Yes, I STILL thank you for everything back when my brother was so sick and eventually passed away. It's been almost two years (HOW can that be???) and I'm so thankful we're still such good cyber friends, Kim.

((((((( <3 )))))))


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