Wednesday, March 3, 2010

R*E*S*P*E*C*T...I get none. LOL!!

***WARNING...Keeping it real today, don't be offended***

Yesterday Kaysha was feeling bummed about something and I felt it was my job as her Mama to cheer her up.
Add to that we were both feeling "the burn" {like...OUCH!} after a quick DVD 30 minute inspired work out. We were both wondering where these new muscles came from anyway, cuz up till yesterday I especially had no idea they even existed.

Sooooo, I broke out the camera {which I haven't been doing much of lately, I know}, set it up on a few books, whipped out the remote and sat us both down.
Kaysha and I like to goof...yes, we are goof to the extreme. Plus, we are not at all camera shy. LOL!

We started off all cute and all...

KayshaAndMe 006 copy

I think she looks a lot like me in that one. {plz excuse the remote, I didn't do a great job hiding it}.

Soon after making a thousand crazy faces, cross eyes and a dozen more out takes she decided "Hey let's do the Charlie's Angels thing".
And just like that I said "Ohhhh, cool, get the boys air soft guns".

We came up with this {quit laughing I know I need to lose 20 or more}...

KayshaAndMe 034 copy

While she was putting the guns away I thought to myself, "Oh..Oh....let me try something for Karlio"
However, not knowing that she was even behind me, this is what I pulled up when I took those pic's off the camera last night...

KayshaAndMe 020 copy

I swear I get no stinkin' respect around here. LOL!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!



Shiela in NY said...


Anonymous said...

All I gotta say is I LOVE THE K FAMILY!!!! Thanks for the laughs this morning - they were much needed!!

Hugs from a thawing out Missouri,

cheri said...

Love it!!! That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

You're both SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Rosemary said...

What great shots and it's wonderful to see a Mom and daughter having so much fun together. What filter did you use-love the glowy effect.

Kim said...

Thank you everyone. :0) filter at all. I nailed the exposure {by bouncing the flash off my white ceiling}, but not the focus so much.
I ran Noiseware to get rid of the noise/grain {my camera bites at ISO's higher then 250}
I also did a little PS magic to get rid of the allergy eye baggage I carry around. LOL!

Anonymous said...


We live very close to Disney and try to get to the parks when we can. There are HUNDREDS of pictures out there of people having a good ol' time on vacation and me making a funny face in the background. They don't notice it because they're looking at the subject in the foreground...and then perhaps when they get home, they'll see me with a too-big grin somewhere behind them, LOL!

Amy said...

Fun!! You two look great!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures use to be so good!.Now they look so fake and... creepy, even. Maybe you should lighten up on the photoshop stuff. Unless you like your pictures to look fake and creepy.


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